Value of Clean

Cindy Hogan
May 10, 2024 Sponsored by Dial Professional

A New Era of Health, Hygiene, and Sustainability: Introducing Versa from Dial Professional


In this DemoXperience, Cindy Hogan, Dial Professional National Account Manager, explains the features and benefits of the Versa system.

Ed Hynum of Phoenix Restoration Equipment
April 25, 2024 Sponsored by Phoenix Restoration Equipment

Revolutionizing Restoration: Introducing the DryMAX XL Pro Dehumidifier


In this DemoXperience, sponsored by Phoenix Restoration Equipment, learn how the brand-new DryMAX XL Pro dehumidifier is a game-changer for restoration professionals looking to increase productivity.

Sani Professional
April 5, 2024 Sponsored by Sani Professional

Transforming Sustainability in Food Service: Sani Professional’s Versatile Dry Food Service Towel


In this DemoXperience, sponsored by Sani Professional, learn how you can control the mess, the cost, and the roll with the Sani Professional Dry Food Service Towel.

Innova Nanojet Straight Talk
March 15, 2024 Sponsored by Innova NanoJet Technology Limited

Innova NanoJet: Your Innovative Source for Clean Air for Life


In this episode of Straight Talk!, sponsored by Innova NanoJet Technologies Limited, CT Wang, Innova NanoJet president, shares more about the company and its mission to deliver clean air for life.

Healthcare facility flooring
January 31, 2024 HCPA Floor Care Products Division

Floor Care in Healthcare Facilities

Hard Floors

A person’s first impression of cleanliness in a healthcare facility is typically based on the appearance of the floor. One element of a clean floor is effective cleaning and disinfecting regimens to support the infection prevention programs that healthcare facilities require.

PDI sponsored video
December 11, 2023 Sponsored by PDI

Experience the ALL-NEW Tru-D iQ System


In this DemoXperience, sponsored by PDI, learn about this exciting UVC disinfecting technology.

Resilient Floors
August 2, 2023 HCPA Floor Care Products Division

Maintaining Your School’s Resilient Floors

Hard Floors

For many educational facilities, resilient floor maintenance is the largest single task. Because this work is so demanding, the custodial staff must use their time effectively. But with the right approach, facility managers can optimize floor maintenance, to keep costs down while your floors still look great.

Shiny floors
February 2, 2023 HCPA Floor Care Products Division

Focus on the Finish

Hard Floors

Your facility’s flooring is a reflection of your facility’s overall image. If your floors look dingy, worn-out, and stained, that can impact how people view your facility. But by focusing on the flooring’s finish, you can improve its appearance as well as its safety.

BioTalk Hotel Hygiene
January 18, 2023

Health, Hygiene, and Hotels: What Are Some Baseline Expectations?

In this episode of BioTalk, GBAC Executive Director Patty Olinger discuses the need for all facilities, including hotels, to remain vigilant with the hygiene protocols developed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

cleaning, cleaning efficiencies
June 24, 2021 Matt Morrison

Improving Cleaning Efficiencies During a Worker Shortage

Facility Management

Contractors can improve cleaning efficiencies and meet the challenges of turnover with digital training tools.

disinfecting wipes, wipes, stand, UGA
June 1, 2021 Rocio Villaseñor

University Makes Disinfecting Wipes for Campus

Health and Safety

In spring 2020, the University of Georgia (UGA) began to make its own environmental disinfectant wipes to be used around campus.

GBAC, infection control
May 5, 2021 Jeff Cross

What GBAC Does for the Cleaning Industry

Infection Control

GBAC leaders discuss the council's role in the global cleaning industry and how it supports professionals through education, training, and accreditation.