Tennyson Court Reduces Costs with Orbio os3 System

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For Tennyson Court Assisted Living and Memory Care in Buffalo, NY, providing a clean, safe, and inviting environment for residents and visitors is critically important.

Brian Bussman, director of environmental services at Tennyson Court, is tasked with creating that safe and inviting space. Already familiar with Tennant’s chemical-free ec-H20TM technology and a longtime user of Tennant scrubbers, Bussman was intrigued when valued Tennant partner and distributor Pro Squared Facility Services presented the Orbio® os3 On-Site Generation (OSG) system.

OrbioThe os3 system generates two solutions right on site: Multi-Surface Cleaner, which replaces floor cleaners, glass and all-purpose cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, and carpet cleaners, and MultiMicroTM 200*, a disinfecting/sanitizing solution that replaces one-step cleaner/disinfectants, and food contact and non-food contact surface sanitizers.

“We received a 5-gallon sample of os3 solution, and we used it in our floor scrubbers, carpet extractors, and spray bottles for general purpose cleaning,” Bussman said. “os3 solutions work great—even better than half the conventional cleaning chemicals we were using.”

Beyond being safe and effective, Bussman wanted to know if os3 would lower the facility’s cost to clean. Bussman’s crew continuously cleans 57,000 square feet of mostly carpeted space.

“The cost savings are the biggest benefit to using the os3 system,” Bussman said. “We were using around US$16,000 worth of conventional cleaning chemicals annually. We have cut that to about $2,000 last year—an approximate six-month return on investment.”

Bussman appreciates the convenience of OSG, which enables him to have on hand virtually as much Orbio solution as he needs, anytime. Now, when influenza outbreaks occur, he doesn’t need to worry about ordering and receiving timely shipments of disinfectants, or where he’ll store them.

“Storage in our building is a nightmare. In the past, we ordered cleaning chemicals constantly and used our supplier as our warehouse. Now I don’t have that issue,” Bussman said. “There’s also no packaging waste to deal with. Not having to throw out cardboard cases has definitely simplified things.”

The Orbio solution has brightened the carpets at Tennyson Court by eliminating old cleaning chemical residue. Minimizing risks for residents and staff is also a huge benefit. Since installing the os3 system, Tennyson Court has practically eliminated strong conventional cleaning chemicals. Family members of residents of the facility have commented favorably on the lack of chemical odor.

“We explained what we’re using and they appreciate it,” Bussman said. “There’s no odor and the [quality of] clean is better than covering a chemical odor with a scent.”

According to Bussman, there’s nothing comparable to os3 solutions. The only conventional cleaners the facility still buys are laundry soap and general toilet bowl cleaner to remove stains.

“os3 solutions required little to no training and they’re well worth the investment. I wouldn’t view them as risky. They work, they save money, and because they’re backed by a company like Tennant, it puts your mind at ease,” said Bussman.

* MultiMicro 200 refers to MultiMicro disinfectant/sanitizer that has been diluted by the Orbio® os3 dispenser to the ready-to-use form containing 200 parts per million-free available chlorine.

Posted On August 11, 2015
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Tennyson Court Reduces Costs with Orbio os3 System
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