3 Things to Avoid Doing at Work

February 26, 2024

In a recent article by Business Insider, Valerie Rodriguez, a human resources director in New Jersey, shared three things that she believes no one should be doing at work. Check the following to see if you or your team members are guilty of such behaviors:

1. Oversharing

According to Rodriguez, who has been in human resources for 10 years, talking too much about your personal life could come back to haunt you. She points directly to an incident where sharing about a personal event in her life was later used to form a judgment against her, costing her a job opportunity. Just because you work together doesn’t mean that your co-workers and employees are automatically your friends. Your words could be used to hurt you.

2. Being too humble

While she’s not suggesting being “cocky,” Rodriguez said that being too humble and submissive at work can also be mistake. “I myself was once a big believer that my work would speak for itself,” she said in the article, “but I’ve since learned that if you don’t advocate for yourself, no one else will.”

3. Hanging Out at Workplace Parties

In her experience, Rodriguez said, sticking around too long at workplace parties can have negative repercussions. At times, alcohol consumption is to blame. But even when sober, Rodriguez said, people in a “different setting” can be prone to acting differently as well. “When they come into the office the next day, there are rumors flying,” she said. “I myself like to play it on the safe side, and I won’t usually stick around for more than an hour or two, unless I have to.”

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