Cleaning Service Market to Grow US$145.9 Billion Worldwide by 2028

Global growth will be due to increase in residential buildings, adoption of sustainability efforts, and focus on efficiency.

June 24, 2024

The global contract cleaning services market is estimated to grow by US$145.92 billion from 2024 to 2028, according to Technavio. An increase in number of residential buildings is driving market growth, along with a trend toward adoption of green cleaning products over growing health and environment risks.

The commercial segment, including hospitality establishments, food service industries, healthcare organizations, institutions, and offices, is also driving this growth—while mandatory government standards in healthcare and increasing hotel projects fuel it.

Moreover, employing modern technology—such as floor cleaning robots and advanced cleaning chemicals—is becoming commonplace with a continued focus on efficiency and productivity.

Carpet cleaning and window cleaning services also continue to be in demand, with providers offering various methods such as steam cleaning and pressure washing. Proactive maintenance and regular servicing will be essential to ensure client satisfaction and retention.

Market Challenges

Yet, low penetration rates of contract cleaning services in developing economies may pose a challenge to the market’s growth during the next four years. While cleaning services are growing significantly globally due to increasing infrastructure development, factors such as low consumer awareness, high prices, a lack of trained professionals, and limited availability prevent market growth in emerging regions such as India and Africa.

Another major obstacle is ensuring consistent quality across various client sites. This requires effective communication and coordination between cleaning service providers and clients. Maintaining cost-effectiveness while delivering high-quality services will combat this obstacle and can be achieved through efficient operations, economies of scale, and strategic partnerships.

Additionally, adapting to new technologies and regulations, such as green cleaning methods and labor laws, is essential for staying competitive in the market.

Market Outlook

Contract cleaning services, including floor, carpet, upholstery, and window cleaning along with dusting, have emerged as a crucial component of workplace sustainability and employee wellness in various commercial establishments. Overall, the contract cleaning services industry will require a balance between quality, cost, and innovation to meet the evolving needs of clients, according to Technavio research.

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