Statistics and Surveys

What States Accumulated the Highest Fines for Workplace Safety Violations

More than $1B has been issued in penalties for safety breaches since 2014.

IFMA Releases Report on Women in the Industry

Study Explores AI’s Role in Infection Prevention

AI tools such as ChatGPT could improve infection surveillance in healthcare facilities.

Michigan Tops List of States With Most Landfill Waste

More Americans Prioritizing Spring Cleaning

New survey finds that 80% of Americans will spring clean this year.

Study Reveals Germs Hiding in Backpacks

Backpacks can pick up hundreds of thousands of germs in a day.

2023 Health Insurance Rates Rose for Most U.S. Employers

Report Reveals Bacteria Lurking in Cinemas

U.K. movie theater seats and cup holders were tested.

Report Shows Infection Prevention Slipping in UK

Survey Reveals Americans’ Restroom Pet Peeves

Americans desire more privacy and cleanliness in public restrooms.

Gen Z Workers Worried About Getting Replaced by AI

Survey reveals the generational impact artificial intelligence is having on U.S. workers.

Hospitality Industry Hit Hardest by US Labor Shortage

Hospitality has experienced the highest quit rates of all U.S. industries.