Examine Your Facility’s Water Conservation Practices Ahead of World Water Day

Water-use audits are the first step in lowering costs and preserving resources

March 15, 2021

Facility managers who actively promote water conservation in their buildings not only help conserve a declining natural resource and protect local ecosystems, they also save energy and lower water costs.

With rising water costs and aging infrastructure in cities across the U.S., water conservation has become a necessity. In preparation for World Water Day on March 22, SSC Services for Education is sharing water conservation tips and strategies for facility managers and service providers at schools and other public buildings. The five strategies below will help building managers improve operations and conserve water throughout their facilities.

  1. Conduct an irrigation audit to determine how much of your water system is operational and to identify areas where you can implement water efficiencies. Routine inspections help ensure systems are functioning properly.
  2. Upgrade to smart controllers and flow sensors. These systems use computerized water models that adjust daily to shift irrigation when there is rainfall or water runoff. Upgrading will provide users with alerts of leaks and malfunctions, allowing for timely fixes that can help cut down the amount of wasted water.
  3. Add sustainable landscape elements, such as a rain garden designed to catch rainwater and store it for later use. In addition, designing landscapes with plants that don’t require as much upkeep, such as native plants, can reduce water use.
  4. Collect sump wastewater. If the water is safe, it can be harvested and used to irrigate the surrounding area rather than being added to the storm or sewer systems.
  5. Take inventory on indoor water usage. Consider converting toilets to low-flow or dual-flush systems, install low-flow faucets where possible, and regularly check for water leaks.




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