Show Floor Opens to Reveal Exhibitors and Education Theaters

Disinfectants and public purchasing cooperatives among myriad of products and services featured

November 17, 2021

The show floor opened Tuesday morning to a flurry of excitement as ISSA Show North America 2021 attendees visited a variety of exhibitor booths showcasing the latest cleaning products and equipment. Show-floor theaters began their educational sessions.

See the ribbon cutting ceremony that opened the ISSA Show trade show floor:

At the Solve for X theater, the day started with a primer on Residential Antimicrobial Products: Opportunities, Evaluation, Decision Making. Speaker Edward Eveleth, CEO at Halomine Inc., described the different kinds of disinfectants available on the market along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Although regular disinfectants are effective at eliminating pathogens such as viruses, they cannot withstand surface abrasion. Residual disinfectants can withstand abrasion but are not safe for food contact surfaces. And as they are applied without rinsing, they can leave surfaces sticky.

A third option for disinfecting—supplemental residual antimicrobial coatings—come in two categories: temporary and permanent. Copper is currently the only permanent antimicrobial coating and none of the temporary coatings have been proven to be fully effective against all pathogens. However, new products are being developed.

An ideal supplemental residual antimicrobial coating would be safe, long-lasting (at least 3 months), kill pathogens quickly, adhere to all surfaces, and not be visibly or physically noticeable through a film or stickiness.

Another session at the Solve for X Theater, Cooperative Purchasing for Facility Operations, looked at the benefits of public purchasing cooperatives for facility operations. These cooperatives are open to all schools, nonprofit organizations, cities, counties, most utilities, and health care organizations.

Facility operators who join purchasing cooperatives enjoy several benefits including:

  • No costs to participate
  • Best-value pricing
  • Ability to enter or exit the cooperative at any time
  • Ability to avoid the costs of bidding contracts
  • Efficient for companies that have smaller teams with more responsibilities.

Learn more about the second day of ISSA Show North America 2021 by checking out some pictures from Tuesday.



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