Health and Safety

NOAA Forecasts ‘Near-Normal’ 2023 Hurricane Season

The agency predicts the United States will see at least five hurricanes this year.

Considering Window Film for Added Safety and Comfort

This simple solution can make you feel more confident about your facility’s safety.

Two Cases of Legionnaires’ Disease Linked to Illinois Gym

Samples collected from the facility’s hot tub detected the bacterium that causes the disease.

OSHA Offers $12M in Safety Training Grants

OSHA’s annual program is designed to fund in-person safety and health training.

Ways to Support Period Poverty Awareness Week

Minnesota Schools and Colleges to Provide Free Menstrual Products

CDC Specifies New Air Ventilation Guidelines for COVID-19

The agency now recommends how often air should be changed and which filter should be used.

Colorizing Technology Aids in Better Disinfection

Color helps EVS staff visually identify spots they have missed when disinfecting surfaces.

Social Media Trends Encourage Unsafe Storage of Cleaning Products

Social influencers promote the use of cleaning products as décor, while disregarding risks.

UMF|PerfectCLEAN Announces First Annual Education Hygiene Specialist Excellence Award Recipient

Kimberly-Clark Announces 2023 Greenovation Award Winners

Bad Restroom Reviews Threaten UK Hospitality Industry

Complaints of dirty, smelly environments are flushing star ratings down the toilet.