Health and Safety

Thermal Imaging Successfully Assesses Hand Hygiene Technique

Study foresees potential use of thermal cameras to monitor hand hygiene for health care.

Howie Mandel Joins ISSA to Rethink What Clean Means

New survey uncovers America’s biggest cleanliness concerns (and where expert help is needed).

Drying Hands Essential Part of Good Hand Hygiene

Disinfectant Ingredients of the Future

Study Finds Surface Sanitizers Inconsistent

Efficacy against norovirus can vary significantly according to formula and technique.

Monitoring Improves Hand Hygiene Compliance

Study reveals a 76% increase in hospital hand hygiene performance rates.

Half of Health Care Facilities Globally Lack Hygiene Basics

The new estimate reveals the worldwide risk of disease spread to patients and health care workers.

Toolkit Aids Compliance During Disaster Recovery

DOL reminds employers not to neglect responsibilities to cleanup crews.

New Work Group to Help Facility Managers Find IAQ Solutions

Determining if a Cleaning Product Is Green

The federal government’s guidelines for its own programs can work just as well for your facility.

Texas Confirms First US Death of a Person Infected With Monkeypox

Cases of monkeypox have now been confirmed in every U.S. state and territory.

Complaints of Insect Infestation Gets Worker Fired

A reporter bugs a Texas newspaper about its insect problem and gets bit for doing so.