Health and Safety

Dengue Fever Threatens the U.S.

The mosquitoes that carry dengue fever are now regularly found in the South.

What States Have Experienced the Most Tornadoes This Year?

May 26 was the busiest severe weather day of the year so far, with NOAA recording 745 storms.

WHO Calls for Climate Change Research

New findings highlight the need for more research on the impact of climate change and tropical diseases, including malaria.

CDC Wants Increased Flu Testing This Summer

The department hopes to detect rare cases of bird flu in humans.

IICRC Releases Revised Mold Remediation Standard

Hazard Communication Standard Update Improves Chemical Labelling

The DOL enhanced the quality of information on labels and safety data sheets for cleaning chemicals.

EPA Releases 2023 Pesticide Registration Improvement Act Annual Report

Which Bacteria Are Most Threatening to Human Health?

New Guidance for Stopping the Spread of Illness in Schools

The CDC aims to maximize student attendance for the next school year.

APIC Calls for Overhaul of Medical Instruments Cleaning Instructions

DOL Takes Steps Toward New Heat Safety Rules

The U.S. Department of Labor has moved toward publishing a proposed rule to reduce the significant health risks of heat exposure.

OSHA Regional Offices Restructured to Reflect New Areas of Need

OSHA creates two new regions to reflect changing demographics and population.