2022 CMM Webinar: Flushed With Pride

Creating restrooms that improve facility image

Restrooms can say many things about a facility/organization. Ensure your restrooms are sending the proper message to facility occupants and visitors. Join Cleaning & Maintenance Management for a webinar on restroom technologies and best practices to help improve efficiencies and deliver a satisfactory restroom experience.

Topics include:
  • Technologies for smart/connected/touch-free restrooms
  • Workloading to ensure consumables are always available
  • Best practices for common trouble areas and eliminating odors
  • How to deal with restroom cleaning challenges and complaints
  • Processes and procedures for better productivity
  • Staffing and retention best practices
  • How to handle high-traffic situations with cleaning and re-stocking
  • The ongoing pandemic concerns and issues with safe and inviting public restrooms
  • Validation methods designed to establish cleaning results
  • A special Q&A session with the expert panelists
  • And much more!

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2022 CMM Webinar: Flushed With Pride
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2022 CMM Webinar: Flushed With Pride

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2022 CMM Webinar: Flushed With Pride
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