5 Ways Texting Can Grow Your Commercial Cleaning Company

How you can integrate text messaging into your existing communications strategy


Everybody texts. It’s become an essential form of communication, and we can’t imagine our everyday lives without it. But texting shouldn’t be limited to personal conversations—two-way texting belongs in business communications, too.

In today’s world, there is value in texting with your clients. In fact, they might expect to communicate with you through text messaging. It can be key to a stellar customer experience, and getting your work done.

This article highlights five benefits of texting for business, and how your commercial cleaning company can integrate it into your existing communications strategy.

1. Lead generation via SMS chat

Texting for lead generation keeps working even after your team goes home for the night and the weekend.

Before potential customers book with your business, they’re going to have questions about specific services, pricing, and more. Instead of leaving website visitors to find information on their own, enable your customers to reach out via text. A short message service (SMS) chat widget is an easy, hands-off way to do it.

What is SMS chat?

Customers can use an SMS chat widget to start text conversations with you, straight from your website. From there, they can continue the same conversation on their mobile device.

Visitors can ask questions, book appointments, request a quote, and more. Plus, their contact information is saved for future follow-ups. SMS chat captures their interest, enables you to give an immediate auto-response, and to follow up personally as soon as possible.

2. Ongoing customer service

Customers have questions all the time. Handling questions that pop up through text is easier to manage, and more convenient for everyone than going through phone calls.

Customers will want to get in touch about:

  • Location and needs
  • Updates on your estimated time of arrival 
  • Last-minute schedule changes
  • Urgent notifications
  • Anything that pops up unexpectedly

Customers want their questions addressed quickly. Texting fits in best when communicating on the go, especially when your team is in transit or on location.

Go the extra mile and text customers headshots of the team members who will be entering the location, so they know who to expect. Send photos whenever you’ve finished the job, too. This helps build trust between your business and your customers.

3. Confirm appointments and request payments

Secure more appointments with text message reminders and payments. Text reminders go hand in hand with customers who’ve already scheduled an appointment with you, and they can also pay their bill within the same conversation—all they’ll have to do is follow a payment link.

Whenever they’re in the process of setting their appointment with you, ask them if they’d like to receive text updates and reminders so that you can opt them in. Some customers will want confirmation before you show up, and some will want confirmations after you’ve completed the service.

An appointment reminder can look something like this:

Business: “Hi, [Name]. Just a reminder that your upcoming cleaning is scheduled for this Wednesday, March 9. Text back Y or N to confirm. Thank you!”

More than 90% of texts are opened and read within three minutes, which means you’re more likely to get a response as opposed to a phone call or an email.

By directly asking customers to text back yes or no, you’ll confirm more appointments and increase your revenue, especially if you implement a text-to-pay strategy, too. Customers can pay after confirming appointments, and if there are any additional charges, they can be updated via text. Text payments help you get paid faster with less invoicing hassle.

4. Upsell services with texting

There are plenty of opportunities to upsell your services online and even during an appointment booking, but you’ll have a bigger chance at closing more upsells when your team is on-site and can see exactly what needs to be taken care of.

Your team needs to tell customers where the opportunities are, and that you offer services such as:

  • Disinfecting/spraying
  • Exterior maintenance (sidewalks, parking)
  • Restorative/deep carpet cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Matting cleaning/maintenance
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Snow removal

Once your team has arrived, it’ll be easier for them to spot things such as faulty pipes or hidden HVAC issues, presenting opportunities for them to upsell.

Team Member: We noticed that the ceiling tiles in the women’s restroom have water stains. Want us to replace them? It’ll be an extra [$], we can take care of it today. [Attach with a photo of water stains]

Or, your account manager may notice an upsell opportunity as they’re reviewing a customer account, and from there, they can reach out.

5. Increase online reviews

Make your business shine by getting more customer reviews. By texting and asking for them after a service, you’ll secure more reviews from your customers.

Reviews build your reputation online and within your community, and you can easily become the go-to choice for commercial cleaning and maintenance services in your area.

Where do you start? After a service, text a direct link to your review page.

Prioritize gathering reviews on the platforms your target audience uses the most, such as Facebook or Google Reviews. Don’t be shy to show off those 5-star reviews—you’ve earned them, and they’ll attract more business.

Texting is vital

Text messaging can be a vital tool for today’s commercial cleaning services. It can significantly boost existing communication efforts and in turn boost your bottom line.

Posted On April 20, 2022

Jessica Ayre

Jessica Ayre is a content marketing specialist at Text Request, a business texting solution. Text Request offers tools and resources to create a successful text messaging strategy.

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5 Ways Texting Can Grow Your Commercial Cleaning Company
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