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A backpack vacuum is a faster, more efficient way to clean carpet. It moves quickly through a space, and the lightweight aluminum wand is easy to maneuver around obstacles. However, it can be so much more than a tool to clean carpet. By applying the backpack vacuum to hard flooring, dusting, and detail cleaning the following cleaning pros saved time and improved their cleaning service.

Wichita Public Schools

Wichita Public Schools in Kansas use their GoFree® Pro cordless backpack vacuum to do high cleaning on a scissor lift and to vacuum the dust off baseboards. According to Custodial Supervisor Danny Morfin, without having to use extension cords or change outlets, these tasks are safer and easier to complete.

“When we chose our vacuums, we could have chosen any brand that met our needs by being reliable, cost efficient and comfortable for our workers. ProTeam’s vacuums met those needs,” said Morfin.

Crisler Center Arena Renovation

ProTeamIn 2012, Gary Septer, now the franchise owner for Rainbow International® of Sarasota, FL, worked on the renovation project for the Crisler Center basketball arena at the University of Michigan. His job was to keep the arena clean during construction including all 13,000 seats. For three months, Septer and his staff vacuumed every seat in the arena with a ProTeam backpack vacuum, capturing copious amounts of concrete dust, drywall dust, and sawdust.

“It was by far the best option for the amount of work that we had to do,” said Septer. “Both the ease of use and the fact that it just runs and runs and runs and runs. We were cleaning a really dirty environment. I don’t know if you could beat it up much more than we did.”

H2Only Renewable Cleaning

Ruben Rives is the owner and founder of H2Only Renewable Cleaning, a contract cleaning company dedicated to using only safe, effective, and sustainable methods. He has pioneered a toxic-free approach to cleaning in efforts to create a healthier indoor environment including vacuuming hard floors with a ProTeam backpack vacuum. Previously, when his staff swept hard floors, he noticed they were doing more harm than good.

“If you use a broom, you’re not really picking up anything. You are just sweeping it into the air, and it’s going to settle later,” said Rives. “With the backpack, you pick up more dirt and dust faster. It’s very important that you pick up more dust because of allergies.”

ProTeam backpacks capture and contain dust in four levels of filters. Each filter captures different sized particles of pollen, bacteria, and other impurities.

Visit Booth #1628 at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Las Vegas 2015

Rather than exclusively vacuuming carpeted areas, cleaners can extend the speed and flexibility of the backpack vacuum to hard surfaces and above the floor cleaning. See a demo of the Super Coach Pro® and GoFree® Flex Pro at booth #1628 during ISSA/INTERCLEAN Las Vegas 2015, October 21-23.


Posted On September 29, 2015
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Clean Beyond Carpet
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