Facility Productivity Strategies: Unleashed!

Technology and workloading solutions to increase productivity and enhance cleaning

Facility Productivity Strategies: Unleashed!

Optimizing facility cleaning and maintenance productivity is not just a goal—it’s a necessity. Leveraging advanced strategies to enhance a facility’s productivity, rather than merely cleaning and maintaining it, can lead to significant cost savings, increased occupant satisfaction, and heightened operational efficiencies. It’s time to reimagine your building’s potential—and your team’s abilities—and embrace innovative solutions and processes that can transform any cleaning or maintenance crew into a cohesive example of productivity and enhanced cleaning.

This one-hour webinar, brought to you by Cleaning & Maintenance Management (CMM), is for anyone involved in overseeing or managing buildings, facilities, or entire campuses. As an attendee, you will take away strategies to improve and enhance the cleaning and maintenance of your facilities. You will learn:

  • How to build a strong facility or cleaning crew
  • What to consider when hiring and training individual cleaners/ cleaning crews
  • How to do more with less and work within budgetary constraints
  • Strategies to enhance cleaning with sustainability in mind
  • Tips to keep building users happy
  • How to handle complaints and create a positive experience
  • The impact of autonomous equipment on cleaning
  • The types of innovative technology every facility manager should consider
  • Methods for monitoring and documenting cleaning frequencies, processes, and results
  • How to address facility problem areas
  • Disaster preparedness and security planning tips
  • And much more!

The expert panel for this webinar includes:

  • Jeff Cross (moderator), ISSA Media Director
  • Jon Hill, CEO, Cobotiq
  • Todd Stoneking, Facilities Supervisor, University of Utah
  • Matt Moberg, ISSA/CMI Director of Consulting

A live Q&A session will round out the webinar. Watch it below: 


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Facility Productivity Strategies: Unleashed!
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