ICAN/ATEX: What are the pros and cons of waterless urinals?

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What information do you have on the pros and cons of waterless toilets and urnials?

Wednesday’s Answer:

The use of waterless urinals is becoming quite widespread in green buildings as they have the ability to conserve thousands of gallons of water per urinal each year.

I haven’t seen any waterless toilets yet.

The urinals seem to work well when properly serviced.

However, there are however some things to keep in mind.

First, waterless urinals still need to be cleaned, so there is no labor savings in their use.

Second, the chemical cartridge used to keep odors from coming into the restroom are … ICAN representative

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Posted On September 11, 2013
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ICAN/ATEX: What are the pros and cons of waterless urinals?
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