Membership as a Benchmarking Tool

Enhance your career and the cleaning industry by joining an association

Membership as a Benchmarking Tool

Understanding how your cleaning organization compares to other similar cleaning businesses can be a challenge. As the cleaning industry has an overwhelming surplus of information available, choosing a reliable, trusted source is a great first step.

So where should you start? Consider becoming a member of an association that aligns with your goals and objectives.

Membership has benefits

Association membership provides an opportunity to share, elevate, and transform your skills and your organization’s abilities. Associations offer members training and professional development, performance measurement and evaluation tools, standards, best practices, research, credentialing, and thought leadership. By using these benefits, you are likely to achieve your goals faster and solve today’s challenges. Association certifications can propel your career forward, and attending association events can help you keep pace with a changing industry.

Look for an association that offers the following member benefits and resources:

  • Job and career resources: Search quickly for available jobs or post your own position for top-tier, qualified facility management talent specific to your industry.
  • Industry news: Stay up to date with the latest news in your industry. Make sure the news is available in digital platforms and provides professional information and trends you need
    to successfully manage overall operations.
  • Networking: Connect with other professionals in your area and grow your local network through trade shows, educational opportunities, and other events offering the opportunity to listen and learn from industry leaders.
  • Volunteer opportunities: Give back to the profession and support your colleagues through engaging volunteering opportunities. A volunteer network provides education, mentoring, networking, and support programs to help cleaning industry professionals succeed in the workplace.
  • Certifications: Obtain training, credentials, and certification from a recognized provider in the cleaning/maintenance industry as a first step in your professional development path.
  • Knowledge library: Access content on demand—delivered in audio, video, and written format—across all topics specific to your industry.
  • Councils and communities: Association members who participate in councils and communities not only learn and grow from their leadership responsibilities, they also gain access to professional development and training in their professional industry or shared topic of interest.
  • Advocacy: Make a difference in the industry by advocating for policies that create a probusiness environment and support the operation and growth of supply chains. Your voice helps ensure that advocacy closely aligns with your industry’s needs and issues.
  • Awards and recognition: Get recognized by your industry peers for your professional accomplishments and successes.

Choose carefully

Before you choose an association to join, spend time researching its leadership, mission, and strategic plan. Be sure it has a clear, long-term strategic plan with an eye toward the future of the industry. Look for an association that develops strong relationships with its staff, volunteers, and partners.

Cleaning is an investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line. When you participate in the industry as part of an association, you can work with other like-minded
individuals to share solutions and make a positive impact on our communities and facilities.

Tim Poskin

Director, ISSA Consulting

Tim Poskin is the Director of ISSA Consulting, providing systems integration and consulting solutions for the cleaning industry. Poskin is one of the world’s leading authorities on custodial workloading. He currently serves as chair of the ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) workloading and benchmarking committee. He can be reached at 206-384-6967 or [email protected].

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Membership as a Benchmarking Tool
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