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A New Era of Clean. Times Two.

Now there are two EON uprights to choose from. Both work quickly, quietly and consistently. So you can keep your crew and your guests happy. The new EON ALLERGEN upright is the first commercial vacuum that’s certified asthma & allergy friendly®. Read the press release here.

The EON QuietClean® upright has the CRI Gold Seal of Approval and delivers an exceptional clean every time, at a low cost of ownership.

Discover the EON line of premium commercial vacuums.

Put Time to Work

To maintain a clean environment and keep costs down, you need machines that are fast, powerful and dependable. Machines that improve cleaning times — so your crew isn’t working overtime. See the philosophy behind what drives Sanitaire to design machines that help you get an exceptional clean.

This Is Sanitaire®Watch the Video

Sanitaire® Uprights

With durable and lightweight machines designed with a variety of features and benefits, you’ll find the upright that’s downright perfect for your needs.

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Sanitaire® Backpacks

Put efficiency and productivity front and center with backpacks designed to be more comfortable while delivering exceptional results.

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Posted On April 18, 2018
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Lead with Innovation. Clean with Confidence.

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See What Exceptional Clean Means
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