ISSA and New York State Sheriffs’ Association Jointly Launch Training Program

September 20, 2022

ISSA is partnering with the New York State Sheriffs’ Association (NYSSA) to launch the first-ever statewide training and certification program for incarcerated individuals in New York’s county jail system.

Thanks to the new program, these individuals can now become certified by ISSA’s Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) as experts on cleaning.

“A partnership with ISSA to offer globally recognized certifications will empower individuals with the validated skills they need for employment,” said NYSSA Executive Director Peter Kehoe. “We couldn’t be happier to provide this resource to sheriffs across the state of New York.”

The training will roll out in phases, beginning first by certifying correction employees as Certified Professional Trainers in the field of commercial cleaning, through CMI’s “Train the Trainer” course.

The second phase will then deploy a new cleaning for health initiative within the correctional facilities, followed by vocational instruction of incarcerated individuals.

“With demands for labor increasing daily, the commercial cleaning industry needs qualified candidates trained on how to clean for health more than ever,” said ISSA Senior Director of Education Brant Insero. “The program will not only ready incarcerated individuals for employment but will be a part of New York’s county jails’ transformation to cleaning for health.”

Insero will speak at the NYSSA Jail Administrator’s Training Conference on September 27 to discuss the new statewide vocational program, with the program’s rollout to start shortly after the conference.  

“Over the next 12 months, teams will train, certify, and empower hundreds of individuals that will make an immediate impact as they reenter the workforce,” said ISSA Executive Director John Barrett. “We are honored to work with NYSSA to provide programs that help provide opportunities for rehabilitated incarcerated individuals while strengthening the cleaning industry’s workforce.”

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