PuroClean Shares Tips on Dealing With Fire Damage

October 17, 2023

A fire can take a physical toll on property, as well as an emotional toll on those who must deal with it.

If your facility experiences a fire, here are some tips from property restoration and remediation franchise company PuroClean on how to cope with the resulting damage.

  • Ventilate and secure the property—As soon as it is safe to do so, open windows to allow fresh air to circulate, thus reducing any lingering smoke odor. Additionally, make sure to patch up any holes in the walls or roof before additional weather damage can occur. 
  • Contact professionals and document the damage—Contact your insurance representative immediately and take pictures of any damage around the property to help with the claims process. Hire fire remediation professionals who are equipped to assess the damage and come up with a restoration plan.
  • Prioritize safety above all else—During a fire, nonbiodegradable materials that make up a structure often burn, which can emit toxic or irritable fumes. After the fire has been extinguished, don’t enter the facility before the fumes have dissipated. Make sure the structure is stable enough to walk around in and to come prepared with masks, gloves, goggles, and suitable footwear.

October happens to be National Fire Prevention month in the United States—a great opportunity to set time aside to tend to your fire prevention plan and take any necessary actions. For ideas, check out Take an Active and Passive Approach to Fire Protection

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