Popular TikTok Cleaning Trend May Be Deadly

A TikTok trend known as "product overload" has more than 700 million views

July 19, 2022

Social media is chock full of videos for just about every industry. On TikTok, #cleantok has become one of the largest trends and, specifically, one facet of #cleantok reigns supreme. “Product overload” is a trend with over 700 million views where cleaners pour large quantities of various cleaning chemicals into sinks and toilet bowls to create visually appealing cleaning videos. But, with amateur cleaners mixing chemicals unwittingly, nothing is ever entirely safe and harmless. 

According to an Insider interview with Adam Leech, who owns a United Kingdom-based shower retailer, “harmful chemicals deteriorate the enamel found on your sink, bath, and showers, leading to increased bacterial levels on the surfaces.” Similarly, Washington D.C.-based marine resilience specialist, Dr. Deborah Brosnan stated, “When dumped in water, chlorine in bleach reacts with other chemicals and causes the formation of dioxins which are harmful to human health and wildlife. Studies indicate that they contribute to the lowering of bird and fish populations.” If these concerns weren’t bad enough, inexperienced cleaners mixing chemicals may also accidentally create harmful mixtures including mustard gas that could be deadly to themselves and those around them.  

To counteract this trend’s negative effects, cleaning professionals should actively share how to properly use cleaning products and the dangers of improper chemical use. As leaders in the industry, sharing this information as a voice of authority may save lives, reduce illnesses, and help the environment moving forward.  

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