Win Commercial Floor Care Clients With Smart Sales Strategies

Win Commercial Floor Care Clients With Smart Sales Strategies

Commercial floor care is a lucrative niche requiring more than technical skills. It also demands a smart sales strategy that sets you apart. Whether you specialize in carpet, hard floors, or both, you must know how to target, connect, and impress your prospects. There are many intricacies to targeting commercial cleaning prospects for carpet and hard floors, including making an impactful entrance, discovering the key to gaining access, and securing that all-important appointment for a compelling presentation.

From identifying the unique needs of commercial spaces to employing effective communication strategies, establishing meaningful connections is essential. Beyond the technical proficiency of hard floor cleaning expertise, the success of your service hinges on building solid relationships and solving problems. Take your business to new heights by mastering the nuances of targeting and turning prospects into valued clients.

The power of project work

While many cleaning contracts focus on recurring nightly services, the often-overlooked goldmine lies in periodic project work. Services like floor care, carpet care, and window blind cleaning, though not part of the daily routine, boast significant profit potential.

By integrating periodic specialized project work into cleaning contracts, businesses enhance their revenue streams and showcase a commitment to comprehensive cleanliness. Emphasizing the long-term benefits of maintaining floors, carpet, and blinds can be a compelling selling point, enticing clients to invest in these additional services. Strategic inclusion of periodic projects becomes a key differentiator, setting businesses apart in profitability and service excellence.

 An approach adopted by some professionals is exclusively engaging in project work. When executed with a robust and aggressive sales effort, this focused strategy can prove viable and rewarding. Project-centric contractors often excel in delivering specialized solutions, catering to clients’ unique and immediate needs.

By concentrating on individual projects, contractors can showcase their expertise, build an excellent reputation, and establish strong client relationships. Additionally, a proactive and assertive sales approach becomes paramount, as it drives the acquisition of high-value projects and contributes to a steady project pipeline.

However, success involves more than just winning projects—it also requires establishing a base for repeat business and referrals. With a strategic blend of targeted marketing, networking, and a customer-centric approach, contractors can navigate the project-focused landscape, creating a robust and sustainable business model.

The back door strategy

When contractors don’t utilize up-sell strategies and include those specialized services in their recurring services, they miss out on valuable opportunities and higher margins—leaving those openings to their competition. Savvy contractors seize those unique opportunities by strategically positioning themselves to gain project work from competitors’ recurring clients.

Recognizing these situations as valuable entry points, shrewd contractors secure immediate project contracts and lay the groundwork for establishing long-term, recurring services. The key lies in offering specialized services or addressing specific needs that competitors may have overlooked in their regular cleaning contracts.

By providing exceptional project-based solutions, contractors can showcase their expertise, creating a favorable impression that positions them as reliable partners for ongoing services. This approach expands the client base and fosters client loyalty, as businesses appreciate comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Essentially, the strategy goes beyond immediate gains, aiming for sustainable growth by seamlessly transitioning from project work to securing recurring services within the competitive commercial cleaning market.

Challenges in expanding offers

 Some contractors need more resources or a strategic decision to provide certain services to their existing recurring cleaning clients. While these hurdles may seem overwhelming, strategic planning and resource allocation can transform them into opportunities for growth.

Contractors should assess their capabilities and consider investing in training, equipment, or partnerships to bridge resource gaps. Additionally, understanding the reasons behind not pursuing certain services is crucial. It may be misaligned with the contractor’s core competencies or an assumption that clients might not be interested. However, with effective communication and market research, contractors can tailor their offerings to meet client needs, ensuring a more comprehensive and satisfying service.

By embracing innovation, upskilling, and aligning services with client expectations, cleaning contractors can overcome existing limitations and create a competitive edge in the market, fostering stronger relationships with their recurring clients and expanding their service portfolio.

Remember, “recurring” might not align with the daily or weekly service model regarding project-based work. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that many projects follow a cyclic pattern, occurring quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. This cyclic nature presents a unique opportunity for businesses to capture and cultivate these recurring projects strategically over time.

By strategically planning and securing projects repetitively, businesses can establish a reliable revenue stream that sustains them and contributes considerably to long-term profitability. This approach requires a proactive mindset to identify and capitalize on opportunities that unfold periodically, turning them into a consistent source of income.

Commercial contractors can enhance their business by cleverly incorporating floor and carpet care project work. This ensures higher profit margins through recurring services and positions them to gain a substantial market share. By surpassing competitors with quality offerings, contractors create valuable entry points into meetings, presenting an excellent opportunity to highlight their services to prospective clients. This strategic approach boosts financial returns and establishes a strong foothold in the competitive landscape, paving the way for sustained growth and success.


Adam Povlitz

President & CEO of Anago Cleaning Systems

Adam Povlitz is CEO and president of Anago Cleaning Systems, a franchised commercial cleaning company and a leader in technological advances relating to business operations and custodial services. Previously an IBM executive, Povlitz is a Lean Six Sigma green belt, an International Franchise Association-certified franchise executive, and a Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS) ISSA Certification Expert (I.C.E.).

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Win Commercial Floor Care Clients With Smart Sales Strategies
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