Choosing Quality

Tips for finding the best cleaning service for your facility

Choosing Quality

Cleaning is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy, hygienic environment. Whether in a commercial setting, such as an office or retail space, or in a residential setting, keeping spaces free from dirt, dust, and other contaminants is a nonnegotiable necessity for facility managers.

However, not all cleaning services are created equal. In order to ensure that a space is truly clean, it’s important to choose a cleaning service that prioritizes quality. Here are some key factors to consider when discerning the best cleaning service for your facility.

Proper cleaning techniques and equipment

The first factor to examine is the service’s use of proper cleaning techniques and equipment for each surface and soil type. For example, a good cleaning organization will use a combination of vacuums, mops, and microfiber cloths to remove dirt and dust, rather than just relying on a single tool. Some organizations utilize cleaning tools with validated production rates that determine how quickly and efficiently they perform in real conditions.

Attention to detail

Another important aspect of cleaning quality is attention to detail. A good cleaning organization will take the time to thoroughly plan out the servicing of every inch of cleanable space, including hard-to-reach areas such as corners and baseboards. It will also pay attention to small details, such as wiping down fixtures and removing cobwebs. This attention to detail ensures that a space is truly cleaned for health, rather than just giving the appearance of being clean.

Safety first

Quality cleaning organizations also prioritize safety. This includes using cleaning solutions and equipment that are safe for both the cleaning staff and the building inhabitants. Crews take steps to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria, such as regularly sanitizing high-touch surfaces.

Cleaning certifications

Another way to determine the quality of a cleaning service is to check if it holds certifications and accreditations. ISSA and its Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) certify cleaning organizations that meet certain standards of quality, safety, and customer service. Being certified reveals an organization’s values and confirms its commitment toward providing high-quality cleaning services—all of which can provide you with greater peace of mind.

Good reputation

Don’t forget to search the internet to read customer reviews and testimonials of a cleaning service you’re considering. Notice if the company replied to customer complaints. It is important to look for an organization that is open to feedback and willing to make changes to improve its services.

Be sure to go beyond the company’s online reviews. See its work in person. It’s a plus if you can visit one of the facilities it services immediately after a cleaning.

Strong communication

Finally, a good cleaning organization practices clear and open communication with its clients. It keeps clients informed about its services, what to expect from the cleaning process, and any changes or issues that arise. Continuous communication ensures that the client is satisfied with the services provided.

Tim Poskin

Director, ISSA Consulting

Tim Poskin is the former Director of ISSA Consulting and is one of the world’s leading authorities on custodial workloading.

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Choosing Quality
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