CMM Infection Control Webinar: Debunking Disinfection Myths

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The 2021 CMM Infection Control Webinar, sponsored by 3M, SteraMist by TOMI Environmental Solutions, and Coastwide Professional, debunks common disinfection myths and helps you assess your current skillset when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

Gain practical tips and considerations for your disinfection and cleaning protocols in light of the pandemic in this lively discussion with infection control experts Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner and Patricia Olinger, JM, RBP, from the Global Biorisk Advisory CouncilTM, a Division of ISSA.

Topics covered:

  • An overview of common disinfecting myths and misconceptions
  • Definitions of sanitizing and disinfecting
  • When to know if sanitizing is sufficient or if disinfecting is needed
  • The importance of contact or dwell time for products to work
  • Implementing proper frequency of cleaning and disinfecting
  • Measuring and testing effectiveness of cleaning and disinfecting

Highlight! The experts answer audience questions in a lively Q&A in the second half of the program.

Thanks to our webinar sponsors:

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Posted On January 27, 2021
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CMM Infection Control Webinar: Debunking Disinfection Myths
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