CMM Webinar: Create a Winning Infection Prevention Program

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In this educational webinar, learn how to establish an effective infection prevention program with the proper tools, chemistries, and labor. Get ideas for how to communicate and market your infection prevention services to stakeholders and clients.

Watch to learn more about:

  • How different chemistries are needed to inactivate different pathogens
  • How disinfectants affect surfaces and finishes differently
  • How continuous training and internal and external communications is important to your program
  • How to incorporate customized task lists, labor variables, and quality control costs into your process
  • How to bid for infection prevention jobs and market your services.

Speakers Paul Meechan, a consultant and member of the board of directors for the Global Biorisk Advisory CommitteeTM (GBAC), a division of ISSA; Laurie Sewell, president/CEO of Servicon Systems Inc.; and Tricia Holderman, president/CEO of Elite Facility Systems—also answer questions from the audience in a live Q&A session at the end of the program.

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Posted On February 24, 2022
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CMM Webinar: Create a Winning Infection Prevention Program
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