Freshen Your Facility With Focused Cleaning This Summer

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If you missed the opportunity to do a spring cleaning, summer is also the perfect time to deep clean your facilities and remove build-up from all types of weather. Luckily for us, modern-day tools and technology can make the once tedious chore a breeze. With a detailed plan in place, the right products and solutions will refresh your facility in no time.

Mop away the mess

When completing your cleaning regimen, floors should top the list. Year-round weather can bring in moisture and debris, making floors look dull and worn. Beyond implementing a robust mat system to catch debris before it enters your facility, mopping is essential to make floors sparkle again. Pair the right type of mop head for the application to effectively capture and remove soil and moisture from your floors. Mops heads to consider include microfiber tube mops, microfiber flat mops, heavy-duty wet mops, dust mops, and pulse mops. Microfiber is the preferred mop head material because it lasts longer than cotton and can be washed a thousand times before losing its effectiveness. Even better, microfiber uses 95% less water and chemicals than cotton and cloth.

Regardless of which mops you use, it’s critical to always start each task with a clean mop head. Your floors are only as clean as your mops. Dirty mop heads are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can cause cross-contamination if not properly laundered after each use. Launder microfiber mop heads by hand, machine, or a professional service. If you haven’t made the switch to dual-chamber mop buckets, it’s time. A dual-chamber mop bucket helps reduce cross-contamination by separating dirty water from cleaning chemicals. With effective equipment in place, you can achieve the clean image you desire and have the peace of mind that your floors are clean.

Clear out supply closets

Supply closets can become an unorganized mess and a catch-all storage space if you don’t properly care for them. Now is a great time to conduct an annual closet cleanout to organize cleaning tools and chemicals, evaluate your cleaning supply needs, and discard any excess or expired products.

To optimize closet space and simplify your operation, consider a wall-mounted dilution cleaning chemical system. This system ensures you will always have the right cleaning chemicals on hand without having to carry inventory. It helps keep supply closets clear, tidy, and easy to navigate. It also helps protect workers because it eliminates the need to manually dilute chemicals. Plus, the easy-to-follow instructions take the guesswork out of chemical usage for all employees, new or seasoned, to help them perform their job safely and correctly.

Beyond improving workplace safety, a cleaning chemical dilution system can enhance your sustainability efforts because you will store fewer chemicals—which means fewer products and less waste. Look for one that offers Green Seal™ Certified products. This certification shows that the cleaning chemical has passed the rigorous standards for health, sustainability, and product performance from this reputable third-party organization.

Revive your restrooms

Restrooms need consistent attention to keep them looking (and smelling) their best. Even with daily cleaning, build-up occurs over time so deep cleaning restrooms is an absolute must. High-pressure cleaning removes build-up that brushes can’t reach and eliminates the need to touch contaminated surfaces. Look for a process that removes all soil and dirty water to prevent cross-contamination and odor-causing bacteria—while leaving a clean, fresh scent. Doing so will make daily maintenance easier for cleaning staff and provide a pleasant experience for visitors.

A focused plan, combined with the right tools and chemicals, can help revive your facility. If you need help getting started, consider partnering with a professional service provider that offers flexible programs to help simplify the process. Doing so will make your facility look fresh and inviting for your customers and building occupants to enjoy.

Julia Walsh

Marketing Manager, Cintas Facility Services

Julia Walsh is a marketing manager for the Facility Services division of Cintas and is currently responsible for product line management in the cleaning tools and chemicals category. For more information about facility services offerings from Cintas, visit 

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Freshen Your Facility With Focused Cleaning This Summer
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