Give Your Custodial Workers What They Really Want

Celebrate your employees during International Cleaning Week

Give Your Custodial Workers What They Really Want

It seems like everyone and their mother (literally) has their own “day” or “week.” While the curmudgeons among us may write these off these events as unimportant, days set aside specifically for appreciating one another shouldn’t just be glossed over. The world could use a bit more love and appreciation spread around, and this is especially true in the workplace. 

People not only deserve to be happier at work, they deserve to be recognized for the important role their careers play in society. International Cleaning Week, hosted by ISSA from March 24-30, is a global celebration to honor frontline cleaning professionals and advocates for the industry.

Break out of the typical celebration

Since the dawn of social media, the average workplace celebration has become meme fodder. Sad pizza slices or half-eaten cakes sitting in dimly-lit break rooms are no way to express “appreciation.” Today’s employees expect and deserve more, and employers should work hard to give them the type of recognition they actually want. 

Here are some ideas that break the workplace celebration mold:

1. Invest in growth opportunities 

Personal development is an interest of many, but time and budget constraints can hinder some people’s ability to go after the type of personal development that may interest them. Employers should consider giving time and budget to their employees for personal development, including workshops, continuing education in an area of interest, courses, conventions, and even gym memberships. Allowing the employee to choose the personal development path that interests them most makes the token of appreciation, well, personal! 

2. Do your own “Dundies”

Remember that episode of “The Office” where they held the Dunder-Mifflin Dundie Awards, where office workers won awards like the “Whitest Sneakers” award, which were all in good fun? While some of the awards given on the TV show were not exactly “real-life office friendly” (not unless you want to give HR a heart attack), your office could come up with your own fun “Dundies” and have a party to bestow the awards on the employees. 

3. Rock and roll all night 

Hire a band and host an after-hours rock and roll extravaganza. If you can’t afford a top-tier group, look for a decent local cover band. Think of how fun it would be to dance the night away to Dark Lady: A Cher Tribute with your office colleagues. 

4. Picnic and games in the park 

Plenty of quality team bonding can happen over a great lunch and some friendly competition at your local park where you can play cornhole, pickleball, or even arrange a basketball matchup. It breaks everyone out of the monotony of the workplace, lets them get some movement and fresh air, and they can show off their sweet moves on the court.

5. Family day

A large part of feeling seen at work is having leadership recognize that you have a life outside of work. Invite spouses, partners, and kids for a get-together. This idea can be combined with some of the other ideas, such as the picnic and games, to make it a full day of fun. 

6. Team retreat 

Though these can be high-dollar events, they are often wildly fun and excellent ways for the entire team to bond, especially if your employees work in different facilities and/or on different shifts and don’t normally see each other. Plan fun activities, get delicious food catered in, and put everyone up in a nice, nearby hotel for the night! 

Not just any old corporate holiday

Whether you are planning an epic party or bringing in a motivational guest speaker, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and give employees something they’ll talk about for years to come. As leaders, you’ll see that when you work hard to lift the spirits of your employees, the workplace culture that comes as a result is unbeatable! 

Logan Mallory

Vice President of Marketing, Motivosity

Logan Mallory is the vice president of marketing at leading employee engagement and recognition software company Motivosity. Mallory is a public speaker, professor, and thought leader on culture and leadership tactics in the workplace that achieve employee retention. Motivosity helps companies promote gratitude and connection in today’s digital era of work.


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Give Your Custodial Workers What They Really Want
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