High-Performance Green Cleaning With Engineered Water


Park City, UT, is an upscale community with two world-class ski resorts known for the Greatest Snow on Earth®, but Park City, UT’s Basin Recreation Fieldhouse—part of Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District in Summit County—may lay claim to the best cleaning.

The Fieldhouse is a 56,000-square-foot modern athletic center, with a 28,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art indoor turf and soccer field ringed by a two-lane running track, cardio machines, weight rooms, four batting cages with pitching machines, plus dedicated fitness rooms including yoga, a spin room, and a wood-floored studio for Pilates, dance and aerobic exercises, barre, and other workouts.

Paul Caine, Building Maintenance Supervisor for the Fieldhouse—an 8-year veteran at Basin Recreation—spent the last five years trying to make “green-certified” cleaners work, but his educated clientele (who read labels and do their own research online and off) were unhappy with the use of products that were fragranced, potentially irritating or hazardous—even those labeled, “Green.”


In 2015, his search ended with an introduction to PathoSans®, a system providing onsite generation of cleaning and sanitizing/disinfecting solutions by electrolyzing tap water. It produces a powerful Green Seal GS-37 Certified cleaner (PathoClean®) and a disinfectant (PathoCide®) with no fragrance, excellent performance, reduced toxicity, and no unwanted residue.

“Our patrons are knowledgable, and PathoSans resonates with them. They are reassured by the effective, non-irritating nature of the product, and the resulting clean, non-fragranced atmosphere, with no typical surface residues or films.”

The Fieldhouse cleaning contractor, Silver Services Group, LLC, Park City, Utah, uses the cleaning and disinfecting power of PathoClean and PathoCide to maintain Fieldhouse areas after hours. Kiril Trendafilov, owner, says: “The product is amazing and we love it. It’s perfect for everything including the floors.”

Fantastic Floors

In a facility focused on healthy living, PathoClean enables enhanced, fragrance-free, no-residue floor care on diverse surfaces from wood floors in dance and yoga rooms to high-tech athletic floors in fitness/cardio areas.

The system—a single electrolytic generator that fills two 26-gallon storage tanks each holding solution with a 120-day-or-greater and 30-day shelf life for the cleaner and sanitizer respectively—is so effective and beneficial that mop buckets formerly black and discolored now look brand-new, the mop sink is “crystal clean”, and drains with P-Traps are “remarkably clean” simply by regular contact with PathoSans solutions.

“The product is amazing and we love it. It’s perfect for everything including the floors.”

PathoSans offers multiple benefits, including sustainability, because it eliminates the need for buying, shipping, storing, handling and disposing of most conventional cleaning chemicals and their packaging by producing a sustainable “greener” cleaner, sanitizer, and disinfectant—reducing the use and expense of packaged chemicals by up to 85-90 percent.

“We made a commitment to our staff and patrons that we would provide the best, healthiest cleaning.” Perhaps a new tagline would be: Park City, UT’s Basin Recreation Fieldhouse offers The Greatest Cleaning on Earth.

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Posted On May 18, 2016

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High-Performance Green Cleaning With Engineered Water
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