How to Overcome 3 Hesitations About Hiring Commercial Cleaners

Know the concerns and be prepared to explain the benefits of your services

Commercial Cleaners Hesitations

Business owners have a lot to consider every day and hiring a commercial cleaning company is often one of the last things on a long list. Hiring a cleaner can sometimes come with hesitation stemming from various issues from cost to lack of trust to concern about harsh chemicals.

As someone who has been in the industry for a long time, I’ve noticed three common themes as business managers consider the pros and cons of bringing a commercial cleaning company on board. Here are some of the most common concerns along with some simple ways to ease the apprehension and convince more business owners of the many benefits of commercial cleaning.

Hesitation 1: Cost

One of the most common concerns commercial cleaning and janitorial services companies hear about is cost. Business owners often wonder what they are truly getting and why they should hire a dedicated team to come into the office, restaurant, or retail facility to thoroughly clean.

Managers argue their offices are “not that dirty” or state how employees can handle the easy tasks of keeping spaces clean and tidy. As a professional, you know the rate of return for outsourcing this kind of work is extremely high. And the fact is, the office is usually much dirtier than your potential client can see.

This is a world forever changed by a pandemic that has put a spotlight on cleanliness and germs. Remind your customers that commercial cleaning is no longer a luxury but is essential for keeping people safe and healthy.

It’s important to explain that cleaning companies pay attention to small details that are often overlooked when cleaning is left to employees. Professionals focus on cleaning high-touch areas like doorknobs and elevator buttons. They vacuum and empty the trash cans regularly. All of this works together to make the space cleaner for the client and limit the number of germs left after a day of work.

Hesitation 2: Harsh chemicals and lingering fumes

Business owners who understand the benefits of commercial cleaning for keeping a safe and healthy environment may still hesitate due to the perception that professional cleaning products are too harsh and could leave lingering fumes. Chemical fumes and odors can cause headaches and slow production in the workplace.

Knowledgeable cleaning companies will help business owners understand this concern is a valid one, while taking steps to reduce the worry. For example, explain how most of the cleaning is done in the evening hours so the chemical vapors will not linger. Reputable commercial cleaning companies schedule their jobs for times when employees are not in the building to reduce the effects of these chemicals. Carpet cleaning in an office, for instance, can be done on a Friday evening so any lasting fumes or odors will be gone by Monday when workers return.

Many companies have made the switch to green cleaning supplies. If your company uses environmentally friendly cleaning products, take the time to explain the benefits to your potential clients. Green chemicals not only eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and the odors that follow, but they also eliminate indoor air quality issues in closed environments such as an office.

Hesitation 3: Trust and professionalism

A frequent hesitation for hiring a commercial cleaning or janitorial service is a lack of trust. Business owners are often nervous about letting outsiders into the building after hours. It is understandable that giving people who don’t work for the company access to sensitive information or expensive equipment can create a certain level of hesitation and requires a high level of trust.

It’s up to each company to create a reputation that helps lessen these concerns. The first step to building this reputation is ensuring workers show up in professional uniforms with name tags. This will help employees who may be left in the building during evening hours identify members of the cleaning crew.

Cleaning companies should also have proper insurance. The cleaning industry has many small businesses, which are often run part time. It’s important to stress to potential clients that your company is properly covered by general liability, workers compensation, and janitorial bond policy insurance. This will help show professionalism and earn trust.

The hesitations and reasons for not hiring a commercial cleaning company will always be a part of this job as we interact with potential clients who are considering adding our services. It’s important to know the reasoning and be prepared to explain the benefits as you work to grow your cleaning business.

Posted On December 6, 2021

Afshin Cangarlu

CEO of Stratus Building Solutions

Afshin Cangarlu is the CEO of Stratus Building Solutions, the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning franchise. He was named CEO in 2015 and has more than a decade of experience working in the commercial cleaning industry. Stratus Building Solutions is an international franchise company founded in 2006 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Stratus was developed to provide environmentally friendly commercial cleaning services driven by dedicated, entrepreneurial, small-business owners and regional support offices.

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How to Overcome 3 Hesitations About Hiring Commercial Cleaners
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