How to Target Your Most Likely Contracts (and Close the Deal)

This sales performance consultant is ready to help building service contractors build their revenue quickly

How to Target Your Most Likely Contracts (and Close the Deal)

How much better would your bottom line look if you knew how to put all your eggs in the right baskets? Ask Jeff Gardner, a sales performance consultant and coach, who is ready to help building service contractors and their sales teams tackle this question with a presentation focusing on the No. 1 time-waster for salespeople. 

Salespeople often make the mistake of trying to sell to people who don’t have needs, Gardner says, so identifying potential clients who want to take action is key. For contractors who are looking to lock in new business, eliminating this mistake could be instrumental in their level of success.

As a consultant, Gardner doesn’t just deliver lip service to his clients on how to land new contracts—he is typically out there pounding the pavement with them as they go after business, sitting in on sales calls whether in-person or over the phone. Sometimes he will even take the lead on the meeting himself. Not only does this help Gardner maintain his pulse on the industry, but his “on-the-job reinforcement,” as he calls it, has a larger impact on a salesperson’s success and ensures his coaching methods stick.

While Gardner won’t be making sales calls with attendees during his presentation, which will take place at the ISSA Show North America 2018 in Dallas, TX, he will be able to share the knowledge he’s acquired from his hands-on coaching experiences. More importantly, he will be able to help attendees identify how to best direct their efforts and resources, and how to push potential clients from being indifferent into what he calls “the zone of consideration.”

This session is for BSCs who may be putting emphasis in the wrong places, but not know it. At the end, attendees will learn which deals they should be chasing and which sales prospects they should plan to let go.

Tip: Price is never the only consideration in a purchase.

There is one universal factor that motivates clients to pull the trigger on a deal and sign on the dotted line—and it’s not price, Gardner says. So what is it? While CMM’s 2017 BSC/Contract Cleaner Benchmarking Survey said 90 percent of businesses rely on experience and reputation to stand out among their competition, this still doesn’t tell us what sales tactics they use to close the sale. You will have to attend Gardner’s session to find out.

This session will also feature co-presenter Dirk Beveridge, founder of UnleashWD and a leading sales and marketing consultant for businesses. It is sponsored by industry distributor Essendant.


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Posted On August 30, 2018

Kelly Zimmerman

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How to Target Your Most Likely Contracts (and Close the Deal)
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