Restroom Care Goes Smart

Increase efficiency, improve hygiene, and enhance user experience

Restroom Care Goes Smart

If you have anything at all to do with restroom care, you’ll want to watch this webinar. Featuring the advice of industry experts, this one-hour webinar by Cleaning & Maintenance Managementsponsored by Aspire and Sofidelprovides the guidance to help you effectively tackle the most complained about area of any building: The restroom.

CMM’s restroom care webinar focuses on internet-connected equipment and the actions involved in creating a smart restroom that notifies staff when products are low, when the trash needs to be emptied, and more. In addition, our experts dig into the most effective cleaning and inspection processes, discuss odor control tips, and offer efficiency best practices that will enhance the restroom user’s experience. Following their advice will accomplish two things: Better health and fewer complaints.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The benefits of IoT technology in restrooms
  • Which buildings/restrooms are the best candidates for IoT technology
  • How to implement IoT technology
  • What IoT can do for your cleaning operation’s budget
  • How an overworked cleaning staff can do more without feeling overworked
  • What facility managers can do to increase efficiency and quality—at the same time
  • How to take restroom inspections off the clipboard and into practice
  • What ventilation has to do with restroom hygiene
  • How to ensure proper restroom safety measures are in place
  • Staffing, workloading, and processing tips and strategies

The webinar’s expert panel includes:

  • Jeff Cross [moderator], ISSA Media Director
  • Carl Keil, associate vice president at Core America
  • Candido Rosario, director of custodial services, Fairfield University
  • Darrel Hicks, owner of Safe, Clean, and Disinfected

Watch the webinar below:

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Restroom Care Goes Smart
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