Sanitary Lessons Learned From an Innocent Fridge Handle

ATP testing sheds light on the need for greater cleaning vigilance

When it comes to your surroundings—whether at home or at work—how conscientious and thoughtful are you regarding how you clean in response to what you touch? A room might look clean—even to a professional. But ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing goes beyond the naked eye to reveal germs that are lingering in places you might not have considered—until now. 

In this episode of BioTalk, ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross discussed ATP testing with Patty Olinger, Executive Director of Global Biorisk Advisory Council™ (GBAC), a Division of ISSA, and Jeannie Henderson, CEO at Jeannie Cleaning, to get their thoughts on how to take cleanliness to higher, safer levels.

In the interview, Olinger shared her personal experience with ATP testing while participating in a scientific study on the cleanliness of the everyday residential kitchen. Using her own ATP meter, she tested her home kitchen, only to learn that her refrigerator handle harbored a high level of germs. 

Henderson talked about the importance of both cleaning and disinfecting to help fully kill those pathogens, particularly in the kitchen, as well as choosing the right products and tools to get the job done correctly.

To learn more specifics about cleaning as effectively and thoroughly as possible, check out this episode of BioTalk below. 

Posted On February 9, 2023

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Sanitary Lessons Learned From an Innocent Fridge Handle
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