The Clean Goes Deep—The Savings and Benefits Go High


A global leader in floor care products, The Malish Corporation offers a broad line of cylinder brushes, rotary/disc brushes and accessories for commercial floor machines. From pad drivers to color-coded grit brushes to carpet cleaning brushes, the industry has turned to Malish for quality and innovation since 1945.

Cleanliness in commercial spaces is vital to the safety of those who gather to work, learn or care for others. That’s where Malish can help. We have floor care solutions to make your floors cleaner, your maintenance easier and overall material and labor costs lower.

The Malish know-how is backed by 75-plus years of industry experience. Whatever type of floor you clean and maintain—from terrazzo, concrete, grouted tile to resilient flooring, Malish has solutions to help you achieve outstanding results.

Products and Systems for Every Floor

Dirt, debris and contaminates can hide in grout lines, textured and uneven floor surfaces where pads struggle to perform. Unlike pads, Malish brushes and tools agitate to clean deep on all floor types. Malish brushes offer long-term cost savings and reduce environmental impact.

The Right Choice

The ideal Malish product is adaptable to floor types, conditions and cleaning goals. Facilities will see outstanding results using one or more of our solutions with benefits including cleanliness, cost savings and being eco-friendly. All brush solutions fit most standard rotary floor machines and auto scrubbers.

  • Grit Brush Color Solution—For use on most types of floors, from ceramic and quarry tile to resilient floors including newer luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Brushes range from soft to aggressive, and the grit bristle color corresponds with the color of the pad it replaces.
  • Soft White Nylon Brush—An ideal brush for everyday cleaning of high polished floors.
  • Diamabrush™ by Malish—A DIY restoration, prep and polishing system that brings new life to concrete and terrazzo floors.


Expert Assistance

If you’re not sure which Malish product is best suited for your floor care goals, we’ve got you covered. Malish experts can assess your floors on site and create a plan that includes brush options for cleaning and maintaining your floors.



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Posted On June 10, 2020
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The Clean Goes Deep—The Savings and Benefits Go High
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