How to Overcome Budget Cuts, Reduced Labor and Increased Cleaning Standards

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Due to COVID-19, a lot of businesses are facing budget cuts, a reduced labor force and increased cleaning standards. These new challenges are leaving many business owners and service contractors trying to figure out how to meet new cleaning standards in the most efficient manner. Although robots and automated cleaning equipment has been around for years, many people are realizing just how critical it is to add co-bots to their staff. Here are 3 reasons why considering subscription-based co-bots can combat budget cuts, increase productivity and increase cleanliness.

Eliminate Capital Expenses

With businesses facing budget cuts, investing in expensive cleaning equipment is just not feasible. Total cost of ownership when investing in a machine can cost nearly the same amount as the machine itself in order to keep it running over a five-to-seven year period. Thanks to consumer adoption to the subscription model and many businesses on the forefront of changing their business model, the cleaning industry has begun to offer subscriptions on cleaning equipment. With the subscription model, you can save the upfront investment, and pay a flat, low monthly fee. ICE Robotics subscription-model includes maintenance, service and parts further saving you unexpected costs throughout the year on repairs.

Avoid Staff Shortages and Increase Productivity

As a result of COVID-19, we are facing the highest unemployment in decades. The combination of layoffs, an uptick in employee sick leave, and regular absenteeism has made keeping a full staff extremely challenging. Robotics have become a necessity during the pandemic to help keep staff safe and achieve enhanced cleaning standards. Autonomous vacuum sweepers, like Whiz, and autonomous floor scrubbers, like EMMA, have been the ultimate co-workers or “co-bots” and key for industries facing staff shortages. Autonomous cleaning equipment is safe, consistent, and increases efficiency and productivity.

Increase Cleanliness 

COVID-19 is a tipping point for the cleaning industry that made many people realize how important a consistent and clean environment is. With staff shortages and increased cleaning standards, businesses are looking for solutions to help aid their staff and enhance cleanliness.

Automation not only helps you free up cleaning staff to sanitize and disinfect while the floors are being cleaned but you are also guaranteed a consistent and frequent clean with standardized routing. Through Whiz Connect and i-Synergy, cloud-enabled AI systems within ICE RoboticsSoftBank Robotics automated cleaning equipment, you have full access to performance history for each machine including how, when, and where cleaning was performed. These systems bring analytics to cleaning, helping you rest easy that you have a confirmed clean.

Lean into Automation

Now is the time to lean into subscription-based automated cleaning equipment to help keep costs down, aid your cleaning staff, and increase cleanliness. ICE Robotics is the global leader in subscription cleaning equipment, offering subscriptions on Whiz, an autonomous vacuum sweeper and EMMA, an autonomous floor scrubber.

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Posted On June 10, 2020
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How to Overcome Budget Cuts, Reduced Labor and Increased Cleaning Standards
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