The Three Types of Facility Audits You Need to Know

In this episode of Straight Talk!, learn how facility audits can be used to improve and enhance your cleaning and maintenance.

The word “audit” tends to have negative connotations for a business, but in the case of a facility audit, it’s a positive move on the part of a facility manager or building service contractor (BSC).

In this episode of Straight Talk!, ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross discusses of facility audits with Randy Burke, founder and CEO of DCS Global, a provider of technological communication solutions. In the video, Burke introduces three specific types of audits: visual, hygiene, and green cleaning.

Even if a facility already has a quality control program in place, regular audits are still warranted, Burke says, to make sure problems like consumer complaints and staff turnover are property addressed.

As Burke explains, cleaning can be very subjective. An audit, however, can act as a more objective viewpoint, especially when administered by an impartial third party.

Learn more details about each of the three audit types—what they analyze and the steps they entail—by watching the video or listening to the podcast of the episode below.


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The Three Types of Facility Audits You Need to Know
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