Video: Hand Hygiene and Understanding Hand Sanitizers

Hand hygiene is an often overlooked but highly important part of preventing illness as a cleaning professional

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According to CCMH, Only about 5% of people wash their hands correctly while up to 80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch. The health and safety risk posed by improper hand hygiene and a lack of hand sanitizer knowledge is one that should greatly concern cleaning professionals, leaders, and managers alike. 

In the latest episode of Straight Talk!, sponsored by Spartan, Nate Gaubert, Manager of Research & New Product Development at Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., discusses critical aspects of hand hygiene, government compliance, development processes, and practical guidance to keep personal and public health top of mind for everyone. As a formulator, Gaubert has brought more than 45 products to Spartan’s product catalogue and is a subject matter expert for this topic.

Cleaning specialists, especially in healthcare facilities, should pay close attention to this feature as it could very well mean the difference between health safety and the spread of countless harmful and potentially deadly viruses this summer and fall season.

To see what advice Gaubert has for proper hand hygiene in this exclusive episode of Straight Talk!, watch the full video below: 

You can also listen to the episode on the Straight Talk! Podcast here:


To learn more about hand hygiene, check out CMM’s article, Hand Hygiene Keeps the World United Safely, today!

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Video: Hand Hygiene and Understanding Hand Sanitizers

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Video: Hand Hygiene and Understanding Hand Sanitizers
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