Children Poisoned After Product Mixup

June 22, 2022

Although workers may be tired of constant reminders about reading labels and storing chemicals in proper containers, the advice bears constant repeating. Especially after 12 elementary school children in Alaska were poisoned last week when they were served a floor sealant instead of milk.

The students, who were in a summer care program at Sit’ Eeti Shaanáx̱-Glacier Valley Elementary School in Juneau, Alaska, complained that the milk that outside contractor, NANA Management Services, served for breakfast tasted bad and was burning their mouths and throats, CNN reported. Program staff immediately smelled and tasted the milk. After reading the label on the container they discovered the white liquid was actually a floor sealant.

Program staff contacted poison control for advice on treating the children and contacted their parents. One student received medical treatment at a nearby hospital, and two other students may have received treatment after their parents picked them up from the school. The medical condition of the 12 children is unknown.

The school district, the city, and the Juneau Police Department are investigating the incident.

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