Cintas Shares Restroom Best Practices in Recognition of World Toilet Day

November 20, 2023

Yesterday, November 19, was World Toilet Day, a time set aside to bring awareness about the lack of toilets and good sanitation systems throughout the world. According to the United 3.5 billion people still living without safe toilets, and 419 million people still practice open defecation, creating the opportunity for the spread of diseases that kill 1,000 children under the age of five every single day.

In recognition of the day and what it represents, Cintas Corp., provider of a variety of products for facility cleanliness and safety, has shared the following four tips for creating a comfortable and clean restroom experience:

  1. Clean and sanitize regularly.Unkept restrooms can impact a person’s likelihood of returning to a business. Developing and adhering to a cleaning and sanitizing schedule can help ensure your restrooms remain clean throughout the year. 
  2. Use effective cleaning chemicals.On average, bathroom surfaces have more than 500,000 bacteria cells per square inch. When done properly, sanitizing restroom toilets and other surfaces with effective cleaning chemicals can help eliminate the transmission of germs and illnesses. 
  3. Stock products.Ensure your facility restrooms are routinely stocked with products for a more positive experience. Working with a third party to restock your facility’s restroom supplies can help save inventory space and take this time-consuming task off your cleaning team’s list. 
  4. Incorporate welcoming scents.Public restrooms aren’t thought to be pleasant-smelling places. Air fresheners and urinal sanitizers can release pleasing scents that coincide with overall restroom cleanliness and help keep facility restrooms smelling nice throughout the day. 

Visit the Cintas Facility Services website for more information.

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