Prepare Your Facility for Winter Weather

Follow this checklist to be ready for whatever this season brings.

December 11, 2023

Are you set for winter? LinkedIn recently published the following checklist to help facility managers get their buildings ready for freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. Check it out and see if you’re fully prepared for this upcoming season.

HVAC system maintenance: You’ll want to make sure your facility’s heating and ventilation systems are in top-notch shape for colder weather. LinkedIn suggests checking and servicing furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and air handlers, and as well as replacing dirty or clogged filters.

Insulation and weatherproofing: Check your facility for gaps, leaks, or weak spots in your insulation and weatherproofing. According to LinkedIn, proper insulation and weatherstripping/caulking can help keep indoor temperatures comfortable while reducing energy consumption.

Snow removal: Keeping your facility free of snow and ice is an important safety precaution for building occupants and workers. Make sure you have snow/ice removal plan before such weather hits. The plan should include the equipment and supplies you plan to keep on hand, such as snow shovels, plows, and salt or sand for de-icing. If you need to use third-party contractors to remove ice and snow, now is the time to select and procure those service providers. For more information on keeping your facility’s interior free of winter elements, check out Keep Snow, Ice, and Water Off Your Floors This Winter.

Emergency generator maintenance: Emergency generators should be maintained and ready for to go at a moment’s notice to handle the power outages caused by winter storms. Check out Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Generators to learn more about using emergency generators safely.

Roof inspection: A roof inspection can find any potential leaks or damage that could be made worse by winter weather. Nipping these issues in the bud before winter comes can prevent even more costly damage to your facility. For more information, see Protect Your Roof From Sleet, Snow, and Moisture.

Burst pipe prevention: Pipes that burst from freezing can mean a water-damage disaster for a facility. For more information on how to prevent your facility’s pipes from bursting this winter, check out 6 Proven Pipe Winterizing Steps to Take Now.

Safety protocols and training: LinkedIn advises that all staff members receive training on the winter safety protocols of your facility, including wearing proper attire for cold temperatures, recognizing frostbite and hypothermia symptoms, and knowing how to respond to weather-related emergencies.

Stockpile emergency supplies: To deal with winter-weather emergencies, you’ll need the proper supplies, such as first aid kits, nonperishable food, water, blankets, and flashlights.

Emergency exit maintenance: Make sure all of the emergency exits are easily seen and always clear of snow and ice, so that they can be safely and easily accessed during an emergency evacuation.

Pest control: During the cold winter months, pests such as mice and rats might seek shelter in your facility. LinkedIn suggests implementing pest control measures to prevent infestations, including sealing off any cracks or holes where pests could enter the building. For more pest control tips, see Make Your Facility Uninhabitable to Pests.

Cleaning and hygiene: The winter months bring an increased risk of various illnesses. As always, you’ll want to maintain a rigorous cleaning and hygiene regimen, especially in commonly accessed areas. Hand sanitizers and tissues should be readily available to prevent the spread of germs. One of the most common winter illnesses is influenza (flu). To learn how to better prevent the spread of the flu in your facility, check out Weathering the Cold and Flu Season.

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