A New Tactic in Rat Control

When rodenticides and traps don’t work, one consideration is rodent birth control

June 23, 2022

Any facility manager knows that an unchecked rat problem can multiply—literally.  

With rat infestations causing major health and safety problems in facilities and cities across America, rodenticides and traps are often not working fast enough. A new solution may be to stop the cause rather than treat the symptoms.  

A company has created ContraPest, a form of rodent contraception described as a “milkshake” for rats. This sweet-tasting liquid is touted as a more humane and effective alternative to poisons and traps and is the only fertility control for rats approved by the U.S. Environmental Protected Agency (EPA). 

Since just two rats, once sexually mature, could produce an additional 15,000 rats within a year, these birth control bait boxes may be the answer to eliminating rat infestations. Cities and facilities can control the number of rodents more easily and also eliminate the health and safety dangers that come with them.  

Last year, a woman contracted a rodent-spread virus after cleaning and, not long after, a severe rat infestation closed down a California high school. With this contraceptive solution, the hope is that these incidents will become a thing of the past. Currently, there are several municipalities testing the product to determine its effectiveness.  

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