Award-Winning EVS Tech Embraces Her Job With Heart and Soul

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Jeanette Louidor has been making a big impression at the Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC), an 808-bed hospital serving the Orlando, Florida, community. An environmental services (EVS) technician in the outpatient department, Louidor has been a mainstay at ORMC for three years. Far more than just an EVS technician in the eyes of patients and staff, she has won hearts, formed connections, and most recently, been honored with an award from cleaning products and services company Cintas Corp.

When asked about her tasks at the medical center, Louidor’s response exuded passion: “For me, I enjoy every job I do. I enjoy everything I do.” She takes pleasure in ensuring the rooms and beds are clean and in order, reflecting on the joy it brings her to know that her efforts contribute to  the health and comfort of patients.

Making a personal connection

However, it’s not just about the clean rooms and beds. Louidor’s personal interactions with patients make her stand out. Eddie Mendez, operational support supervisor at ORMC, attested to her empathetic nature. “As an EVS tech, she’s very humble, and she’s empathetic with the patients. She’s developed a great relationship with them. They actually recognize when she’s not here, and they miss her. When she’s there, she makes her presence known. She’s more than just an EVS tech in their eyes. She’s a friend to them when they’re here and they’re tending to their healthcare needs.”

Louidor recounted memorable interactions that highlight her deep connection with her patients. “When I go to their rooms to clean, sometimes the patient doesn’t talk, and they’re quiet, and I pray for them. I always make them happy. Like, you know, when you come to the hospital and you’re sad, you got something that the doctor tells you that that makes you sad—but I always talk to them and make them laugh.”

To those entering the healthcare cleaning profession, Louidor advised, “Just focus [on] what you do and like what you do—no matter what job you’ve got. Love everyone, love what you do.” Mendez further emphasized Louidor’s impact, noting that she has set an example for new hires, showing them the deeper significance of their roles beyond just cleaning.

Recognizing unsung heroes

ORMC patients and staff are not alone in recognizing Louidor’s dedication. Out of hundreds of entries from across the country, Cintas honored Louidor as one of its 10 recipients of the 2023 Cleaning to Advance the Patient Experience (C.A.P.E.) Award.

The C.A.P.E. Awards celebrate EVS staff who provide clean and safe facilities for healthcare workers, patients, and visitors nationwide. As Chad Poeppelmeier, Cintas vice president of healthcare, remarked, “We’re pleased to honor these unsung heroes who spend countless hours cleaning hospitals on repeat to prevent the spread of coronavirus and other diseases and infections.”

As part of her accolade, Louidor received US$2,500, a $2,500 donation to ORMC on her behalf, and a chance to further her training.

Louidor’s story is not just about winning an award. It’s about her love for the job, her heartfelt interactions, and her role in a larger community of professionals dedicated to patient care. Heroes like her make hospitals more than institutions—they make them homes of care and compassion.

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Award-Winning EVS Tech Embraces Her Job With Heart and Soul
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