Flooring Contractors Turn to Technology

Three ways app-free video tech can transform flooring installations and repairs

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In 2022, nearly two-thirds of building service contractors (BSCs) cited retention and hiring as a major business concern—up from around half in 2020.

For flooring contractors in particular, a shrinking workforce makes it tough to handle an influx of sales consultations or check the progress of multiple installations. These difficulties not only inconvenience the contractors, but also the facility managers who depend on their services. 

The good news? App-free video technology makes it easy to continue delivering quality service at scale, no matter your team size. All employees need is a smartphone or tablet and internet access.

Learn about three ways flooring contractors can use app-free video tech to handle installations and repairs.

1. Fast-track the quoting process 

Lightning-fast quoting is a must for any sales team. But the traditional sales approach contains inefficiencies that can extend the time it takes to produce one.

Imagine that a facility manager has reached out about a hardwood floor installation. To arrive at a quote, a sales rep might schedule a phone call to ask a few initial questions about the job, like the space’s total square footage and the owner’s hardwood preferences. Then, they’ll likely visit the property to evaluate some specifics (e.g., if the space needs new quarter rounds or whether the underlayment needs repair). 

The problem? This can be a time-consuming process for sales reps and prospective customers – bad news during a labor crunch. A rep might spend a couple of hours in traffic for a single in-person consultation. And with fewer colleagues to share the load, reps can easily build up a multi-week backlog. The impact: a longer time-to-quote that frustrates customers, making it tough to win new contracts.

App-free video support tools can simplify the process. In a single video call, sales reps can gather all the information they need to quickly produce a quote. Here’s how the process works:

  • A prospective flooring installation customer reaches out with the best time for a video call.
  • The sales rep texts a video call link to the prospective customer’s smartphone or tablet—no app download needed.
  • Over video, the sales rep can ask the prospective customer any initial questions about the job.
  • Next, the sales rep can ask the prospective customer to show them specific features of the space, like existing quarter rounds or the space where two rooms adjoin. 
  • Throughout, the sales rep can take photos of key details that may inform a quote and the prospective customer can easily ask questions to learn more about the installation process.

Thanks to app-free video tech, sales reps can slash the time it takes to generate a quote. What’s more, they can provide customers with a more interactive sales experience that sets your company apart from the competition.

2. Remotely check on installations and repairs

With any new installation or repair, routine site checks are key to evaluating progress and revising project timelines. But in-person visits can often prove costly.

On a typical day, a site manager might spend hours commuting between the properties under their supervision. That’s valuable time they could use to check additional worksites. And day-in, day-out commutes mean more money spent on fuel—not to mention the additional wear and tear on your company vehicles.

In a labor crunch, it’s helpful to find ways to boost efficiencies and lower operating costs while delivering the same quality service that customers expect. One solution? Invest in app-free video tech.

With a video-first approach, site managers can remotely connect with on-site workers to check the status of an installation or repair. The manager can ask the worker to show them specific site locations. Throughout the call, they can use on-screen augmented reality (AR) tools to circle points of interest (e.g., transition moldings or door jambs), and they can take photos of any problem areas.

The benefit? The company can lower operating costs without sacrificing work quality. And site managers can get hours back in their day to reach additional customers, improving satisfaction across the board.

3. Quickly generate post-visit reports

It can be tedious to compile a report after every site visit. And with less support on hand, site managers need time-saving tools that can expedite the process.

App-free video tech can help by effectively documenting each site visit as it happens and automatically compiling a report after every video call. Each report should include:

  • Timestamped, geotagged photos (with on-screen markups where applicable)
  • Call transcripts and recordings
  • Text notes taken throughout a call
  • Editable fields for easy customization.

With auto-generated reports, there’s virtually no delay between site visits and report compilation. In minutes, site managers can show customers the progress of an installation or repair. And after a job is complete, managers can quickly aggregate reports to provide a comprehensive overview of the project work.

Digitize your operations to do more with less

There’s no short-term fix for flooring contractors’ hiring and retention problem. But there is a long-term play to maximize your current workforce’s efficiency. App-free video tech can be a core part of that strategy.

But don’t just stop there. Look for other technology that can digitize traditionally manual processes. Consider investing in predictive analytics software to proactively adjust project timelines. Or use connected humidity sensors to remotely monitor a hardwood flooring installation environment. With a robust tech stack, you can empower a workforce of any size to accomplish quality work.

Rama Sreenivasan

Co-Founder and CEO of Blitzz

Rama Sreenivasan is co-founder and CEO of Blitzz, a live, remote video support and inspection platform. Sreenivasan has led the company through its initial inception, launch, and subsequent growth to several million video support minutes per month. Major customers include BMW, Sealy, Fedex, and Rogers telecommunications. 


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Flooring Contractors Turn to Technology
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