Trends in Hard Floors

What you need to know about today's hard floor materials and cleaning systems

Trends in Hard Floors

With so many new products being released in the flooring market, staying current is critical. In this one-hour, fast-paced webinar featuring cutting-edge advice from hard flooring industry experts, you’ll discover the latest trends in materials—what’s hot and what’s not. You’ll also learn the best cleaning and care practices to apply to these newer floors. And we will dig into how to handle existing flooring that you have been maintaining for years and provide some up-to-date cleaning guidance for you to implement right now.

This session will also address ongoing cleaning challenges and productivity issues, how to increase efficiency, and more. From routine to advanced cleaning techniques to safety considerations in facilities, this webinar will answer your questions and provide you with what you need to do the job right.

You will learn:

  • What’s new with hard flooring products
  • How to identify one type of floor from another
  • How to handle specific cleaning challenges for newer flooring materials
  • What you need to know to onboard and use robotic and automated technology
  • And more!

The expert panel for this webinar includes:

  • Jeff Cross (moderator), ISSA Media Director
  • Jim Mannes National Director of Shaw Total Care
  • Bill Griffin, President of Cleaning Consultant Services Inc.
  • Bob Merkt, Owner of Kettle Moraine Professional Cleaners Inc. 

View the webinar below.

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Trends in Hard Floors

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Trends in Hard Floors
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