Rethink Resilient Floor Replacement!

Rethink Resilient Floor Replacement!

The Bona Commercial System® Resilient Floor Solution can renew resilient floors. Whether your facility chooses to renew the floor with the color and chip system or selects the clear coat solution, both are the perfect way to protect the flooring from harsh chemicals and heavy foot-traffic. This provides facilities with exponential cost savings, minimal downtime, high durability, and a sustainable solution compared to floor replacement. Regular cleaning is the key to ensure a durable, long-lasting resilient floor. Our professional grade hard-surface cleaner provides an effective, residue-free solution with our mop and microfiber pads. Bona provides long-lasting, sustainable flooring solutions with a seamless customer experience that includes comprehensive product education, expert training, and support.

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Rethink Resilient Floor Replacement!
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