Choosing a Chemical Dilution and Dosing System

chemical dosing and dilution system

Expectations are high for chemical dilution and dosing systems. Not only do these systems need to uphold high hygiene standards, they also need to be safe, easy to use, eco-friendly, and economical.

Managers in facilities that use dilution systems are looking for products that are customized to their needs and offer reliability and quality. Before making their purchasing decisions, facility managers should consider the following tips.

Insist on accurate dosing capabilities

 Precise chemical dosing is an important issue for the cleaning industry, for both safety and financial reasons. As chemicals are formulated to clean surfaces at a specified dilution rate, under- or over-dosing can reduce product efficiency and the end result.

Dosing systems which connect directly to a water supply are commonly used in the U.S. Proportioners offer a reliable and cost-effective way of diluting up to six chemicals—with 13 independent dilution ratios per chemical—in either high-flow (bucket) or low-flow (bottle) application from one dispenser.

Avoid chemical selection error by choosing dosing systems with accurate dilution technology and intuitive product selector dials. Precise dilution pins eliminate the need for cumbersome metering tips, while systems with an easy-to-use wheel design enable users to select the distinct dilution ratio required by each chemical.

Consider manual systems

 If there isn’t close access to a main water connection, you’re in an environment with fluctuating water pressure, or your state water regulations don’t allow for a system connected to the water supply, consider a manual, stand-alone chemical dispensing system. This system is ideal for dispensing shots of chemical between 1/8 oz. and 1 oz. directly into bottles, buckets, or sinks. A well-designed system will easily draw chemical concentrates from side or bottom inlets for cleaning even the smallest areas.

To avoid accidental activation, choose a manual system featuring twist and push operation. This feature requires you to twist then firmly push a button before it releases a dose of chemical. For extra protection, opt for a system with a built-in delay function to prevent overdosing.

Use a push-operated pump to deliver a fixed 1-oz. dose of detergent directly from a product container into a commercial kitchen sink. Look for products that you can easily mount on the wall, take minimal time to set up, and come with a non-drip spout.

Check for safety features

Quality dispensing systems feature multi-lingual and color-coded pictograms on them as standard. They generally come in multicolored sets of blue, red, yellow, and green. This color-coding overcomes language barriers by aiding in easy identification of the correct cleaning solution and its application. The color-coded system also provides best practice guidelines to prevent cross contamination from one cleaning area or surface area to another.

It is vital that staff understand the color-coded system for cleaning. It is simple and easy to understand:

  • Red is for areas with a high risk of cross-contamination, including restrooms
  • Blue is for cleaning lower risk areas, such as glass and mirrors
  • Green is for environments where food is handled and prepared
  • Yellow is for clinical and health care areas
  • Transparent or white is for custom and site-specific requirements.

Cabinets installed on either side of the dosing system provide a safe and secure way of controlling access to hazardous chemicals, preventing tampering or accidental activation. This allows only people who are trained to use the system to be able to open it.

The cabinets you use may come in various sizes, depending on the size of the chemical pouches or containers. Different colored rings on the cabinets can help indicate the proper placement of products. You can go one step further to protect against tampering by using a unique dispenser key, ensuring all systems can only be opened by appointed personnel who are trained on its operation.

Investing in a reliable and accurate system which will continue to work effectively for the long-term will help guarantee your product warranty stays valid.

Embrace design flexibility 

Dilution and dosing systems are not one-size-fits-all tools. They can be designed with flexibility in mind, to suit each brand’s unique requirements. Choose a system with interchangeable parts and accessories, including a dilution dial that is customizable for complete and accurate product ratio, and interchangeable for different ratios of chemicals.

Make your dosing system stand out further by customizing the front cover with your company logo, colors, and branding. You’ll find a system works best when it is completely customized to individual customer needs.

Posted On September 26, 2022

Andy Lewis

Executive Vice President, Brightwell Inc.

Andy Lewis is executive vice president of Brightwell Inc., a global designer and manufacturer of soap, paper, and chemical dilution and dosing systems. He has worked in the cleaning and hygiene industry for over 25 years. Lewis has a strong technical and sales background, having spent 15 years as part of Brightwell’s in-house design and manufacturing team.



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Choosing a Chemical Dilution and Dosing System
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