Setting Training Times

Setting Training Times

Creating a training program for adults is a challenging process but comes with the reward of life experiences that adult learners bring to class. An recent article detailed how to draw out experiences from your students using the ROPES formula.

To summarize, ROPES stands for:

  • Relate: Show learners how the new information they are going to learn expands on something they already know and where they should file this new information.
  • Overview: Give learners a summary of the activities for this learning objective.
  • Presentation: Give learners what they need to know, especially if regulatory or safety issues are part of the topic.
  • Exercise: Incorporate activities to get the students interacting and using the information you just presented.
  • Summarize: Review what the students learned, answer any lingering questions, and close out each learning objective.

After reviewing the steps in ROPES, determine how much of your training time should be invested in each step. Remember to use ROPES for each learning objective in your course.

Follow the example below, inserting your own times:

  • Relate – 5 to 10 percent of class time (3 to 6 minutes)
  • Overview – 10 to 15 percent (6 to 9 minutes)
  • Presentation – 25 to 35 percent (15 to 21 minutes)
  • Exercise – 35 to 40 percent (21 to 24 minutes)
  • Summarize – 5 to 10 percent (3 to 6 minutes).


Posted On April 27, 2018

Richard Bodo

Vice president of sales at Square Scrub

Richard “Bo” Bodo is a cleaning industry veteran with 23 years of experience helping people solve cleaning challenges. Bodo has contributed to the industry through his involvement in the ISSA as a tradeshow speaker and Educational Quick Clips videos, as a consultant to the CRI Carpet Care Standards, and in a variety of roles with the IICRC including global chair of the Textile Care Division, vice-chair of the ANSI/IICRC S100 Textile Care Standard, and Basic Skills Division chair. He is the vice president of sales at Square Scrub and can be reached at [email protected].

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Setting Training Times
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