Celebrating International Housekeeping & Environmental Services Week

September 12, 2022

 Yesterday marked the start of International Housekeepers and Environmental Services Week (IHW), which takes place this year through September 17.

IEHA, a Division of ISSA, has served as the official sponsor of IHW since it was first established in 1981. Celebrated annually during the second full week of September, IHW offers a terrific opportunity to recognize the efforts of hard-working housekeepers, environmental services (EVS) teams, and other staff members who maintain clean hospitals, hotels, and other facilities for patients, guests, and the public. IEHA encourages facility managers and contract cleaning supervisors to show appreciation in their own unique way to their staff of cleaning professionals.

“Our industry’s professional accomplishments are all too often taken for granted, which is why celebrating this week is so important. We are proud to recognize our members who represent all housekeeping and environmental services staff. Thank you for protecting human health and safety,” said Michael Patterson, IEHA Executive Director.

IEHA offers the following suggestions to managers and supervisors for a successful IHW:

  • Share your story about your business, an amazing employee, or how you’re celebrating on social media using the hashtag #housekeepersweek
  • Promote the importance of the cleaning industry and the value that cleaning brings to your facility
  • Encourage continuous education for your staff
  • Recognize workers’ personal records of achievement and length of service
  • Present awards to staff to show them you appreciate their accomplishments
  • Thank each housekeeper or EVS team member on behalf of IEHA and explain how much they are valued.

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