Cleaning Pros Weigh In on National Cleaning Week

March 31, 2022

As National Cleaning Week (NCW) continues through April 2, CMM asked cleaning solutions providers to tell us what NCW means to them and their teams and how they celebrate. Here’s what they had to say.

Q: What does NCW mean to you and/or your staff and what are some ways you celebrate it?

“NCW means to ICS the opportunity to allow cleaning companies such as ours (small business, minority-woman owned) to put more exposure on what we do and how hard our staff works. Many times, we are only informed of the negative things or the things we do wrong or may miss while cleaning each day. It is nice to be able to shine a light on all of the wonderful things that our cleaning staff, day porters, and janitors do in an effort to keep our clients’ buildings sanitized and clean each day for their students, staff, and employees.”

“During NCW, one of my schools, the Niagara Charter School located in Niagara Falls, New York, will be competing for the cleanest classroom all week in an effort to win a pizza party. We will be putting up signs and ISSA National Cleaning Week flyers throughout the school and plan on taking photos for social media.”

Jodie M. Ricks, president, Intuitive Cleaning Solutions Inc.


“It throws awareness on an industry that is often looked down upon by many people. This is a needed industry and is so much more than just emptying a trash can and vacuuming, which seems to be the stereotype.”

“Blogs, social media, newsletters, and websites are ways to get the information out for promotion. Being able to thank each person in my organization personally and ensuring they feel the passion I have for each of them and what they do for our company each and every day.”

Joel Craddock, president, Doc’s Facilities Solutions


“To our team, NCW means celebrating and honoring all frontline cleaning professionals. During this pandemic we were all quite afraid of the unknown, nonetheless, JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting professionals everywhere were well prepared to go above and beyond keeping facility occupants safe and contributing to a smooth reopening of our economy.

“As a regional franchise developer, we’re celebrating especially our JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting certified franchisees. We’ve planned a whole week of daily activities and giveaways to thank them and their cleaning teams for their great work. We’ve also encouraged our regional chamber of commerce organizations to amplify the message of NCW by sharing it with the business community that we protect.”

Connor Waldron, accounting representative and marketing associate, JAN-PRO of NE Georgia-Aiken


“As consultants in the cleaning industry, each year NCW is a chance for our team to align our mission and purpose with the current business environment. We use this time for our annual retreat to plan sessions that guide our direction both short and long term.”

“Several of our clients celebrate NCW by having the supervisors and managers work hand in hand with the cleaning worker during the week. It’s a great time to connect in a ‘whistle while you work’ kind of way.”   

Tim Poskin, founder and systems integrator, ISSA’s Cleaning Change Solutions™ Consulting

For more ideas on how you can celebrate and promote NCW, check out the ISSA NCW toolkit.


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