Ways to Support Period Poverty Awareness Week

May 24, 2023

Period Poverty Awareness Week is upon us (May 22–28, 2023), and it’s a significant moment for ISSA to reflect on the progress made in tackling this issue in recent months. As an organization dedicated to promoting cleanliness, hygiene, and public health, ISSA recognizes the importance of menstrual care solutions and is actively involved in educating, advocating, and supporting legislative measures to end period poverty.

In the pursuit of creating lasting change, ISSA has lent its support to legislative initiatives across the United States aimed at addressing period poverty. In 2023, ISSA has played a vital role in supporting legislation that was signed into law in Arizona, New Mexico, and Minnesota. These landmark bills ensure the provision of menstrual products in schools, acknowledging that period supplies are essential for the well-being and dignity of students. With these recent successes, 16 states now require menstrual products in schools, and six additional states have appropriated money for their purchase.

“We are proud to see the positive impact of the legislation ISSA has supported. By advocating for the availability of menstrual care solutions, we are taking a step towards ensuring that no one’s education or well-being is hindered due to lack of access to period supplies,” said ISSA Director of Government Affairs John Nothdurft.  

ISSA and the ISSA Hygieia Network, an ISSA Charities™ signature program dedicated to the advancement and retention of women in the cleaning industry, firmly believe that menstrual care solutions should be as accessible in away-from-home bathrooms as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. Recognizing the importance of education in addressing period poverty, ISSA actively engages with the cleaning industry community to raise awareness about these issues. ISSA provides training programs that emphasize the importance of proper disposal of these products in bathroom facilities to ensure the safety and hygiene of all users. Be sure to check out ISSA’s Best Practices for Menstrual Care in Public Bathrooms for more information.

During this year’s Period Poverty Awareness Week, ISSA encourages everyone to join the cause and make a difference. Here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Promote period dignity: Help reduce the stigma associated with menstruation by initiating conversations, sharing educational resources, and subscribing to related alerts and news so you can stay informed and up to date on this issue.
  2. Attend our free webinar: This complimentary webinar, which takes place May 25 at 1:00 pm CT, will offer insights into the issue and provide practical ways to get involved in ISSA’s efforts to end period poverty.
  3. Contact your legislators: Engage with your local and national representatives to express your support for legislation addressing period poverty. Urge them to distribute menstrual products in schools and public facilities.
  4. Contribute to our cause: Your support today in this cause ensures that we have the resources necessary to effectively advocate for period dignity.

Period Poverty Awareness Week serves as a reminder that menstrual care is an essential part of maintaining dignity, health, and equality for all. ISSA’s commitment to advocating for the availability of period supplies and its efforts to educate the cleaning industry community demonstrate the association’s dedication to addressing this issue. By coming together, raising awareness, and supporting legislative measures, we can work towards a future where period poverty is eliminated and every individual has access to the menstrual care they need and deserve.

For more information on ISSA’s efforts to end period poverty, contact ISSA Director of Government Affairs John Nothdurft at [email protected].

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