Dust Up on Your Hard Floor Care

Dust Up on Your Hard Floor Care Microfiber mops are configured to capture and hold debris.

Removing dust from hard floors is considered an aesthetic priority. However, dust removal should also be considered a health priority crucial for the prevention of allergies and asthma. Having the right supplies on hand will make dusting your facility’s hard floors quicker and easier.

What Is Dust?

Dust accumulates on surfaces from tiny particles in the air. These fine particles come from cloth fibers, paper, skin cells, dirt, and other materials found in the environment. Controlling dust prevents it from becoming a health risk.

Quick Tips to Remove Dust

  • Use dust collection filters to decrease the amount of dust and debris that is released from process equipment.
  • Choose surfaces that minimize the collection of dust to permit ease of cleaning.
  • Select a high-quality industrial vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a hose to effectively clean corners.
  • Use disposable paper vacuum bags that filter to 1 micron, rather than cloth bags.
  • Periodically inspect for dust accumulation in hidden areas, such as under furniture.
  • Use microfiber oil-free cloths and dust mops. Unlike dust cloths that just move the dust around, microfiber cloths are configured to capture and hold debris. Mops and cloths made from lamb’s wool also work well.

Vacuum Up Particles

Vacuuming is the best way to remove dust from any surface, not just carpet. Make sure the vacuum doesn’t have any leaks that will release the dust before it gets into the bag or canister. A backpack vacuum works well, especially for larger areas. Vacuum in a side-to-side motion, instead of pushing and pulling the vacuum head forward and backward. This covers more space in less time

Many substances emit dust during processing, including sand, glass fibers, laser residue, and cellulose. Select the right vacuum for the substance. A tailor-made industrial vacuum assures maximum dust control.

Cart Away Supplies

Transporting all your supplies in an organized fashion is half the battle in dust removal. Customizable carts that organize your cleaning tools save time and effort. The newest cart options include modular bins and locking cabinets.

Train your janitorial staff on these best practices for dust removal so they become second nature. Then you can breathe freely in your dust-free facility.






Posted On February 8, 2018

Larry Lawton

Vice President at Lawton Brothers, Inc


Larry Lawton is vice president of Lawton Brothers, a leading distributor of janitorial and sanitary supplies, cleaning equipment, chemicals, paper, and liners. He can be reached at [email protected] or 800-432-0813.




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Dust Up on Your Hard Floor Care
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