Renegotiating RFPs

To run a successful cleaning business, responding correctly to requests for proposals is critical.

As the owner or manager of a cleaning business, requests for proposals (RFPs) are exciting opportunities to come your company’s way. But you aren’t alone—other companies are getting the same RFPs and are putting in their own bids for the same jobs. How you respond is critical, especially when you consider the competition you are up against. 

On this episode of Straight Talk!, Randy Burke—the founder and CEO of DCS Global, a firm that works with both cleaning companies and facilities—shares his expertise on how to successfully handle RFPs in a competitive marketplace and then, when the time comes, how to renegotiate those contracts to your advantage. 

To learn more about successfully snagging RFPs and turning them into renewing contracts that continue to work in your favor, watch the video or listen to the podcast below!

Jeff Cross

ISSA Media Director

Jeff Cross is the ISSA media director, with publications that include Cleaning & Maintenance Management, ISSA Today, and Cleanfax magazines. He is the previous owner of a successful cleaning and restoration firm. He also works as a trainer and consultant for business owners, managers, and front-line technicians. He can be reached at [email protected].

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Renegotiating RFPs
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