Sustainability Reporting: A CARFAX for the Cleaning Industry

Sustainability Reporting: A CARFAX for the Cleaning Industry

Sustainability reporting is a powerful tool for those considering doing business with an organization, similar to reading a CARFAXTM report before buying a used car. Just as CARFAX provides
a detailed history of a vehicle, sustainability reporting offers a comprehensive account of an organization’s environmental practices.

Providing a window

Prospective car buyers consider transparency vital for making an informed decision. Similarly, sustainability reporting promotes transparency within the corporate world. Organizations
disclose extensive information about their environmental impacts, social initiatives, and governance policies and practices—their ESG performance. Just as CARFAX offers an unbiased
account of a car’s history, sustainability reporting provides stakeholders with a clear picture of an organization’s sustainability efforts.

Both tools are instrumental in building trust and credibility. Consumers rely on CARFAX reports to assess the vehicle’s reliability. Investors, customers, employees, communities, and other
stakeholders depend on sustainability reports to evaluate a company’s commitment to responsible business practices. A robust sustainability report can establish trust by demonstrating a company’s dedication to ESG goals and its willingness to be held accountable.

Decision-making is another commonality. Prospective car buyers utilize CARFAX reports to determine whether a particular vehicle is worth their hard-earned money. Similarly, investors,
consumers, and employees can use sustainability reports to make informed decisions about engaging with or supporting a company. These reports aid stakeholders in aligning their budget
expenses with their values.

Adapting to new demands

Both sustainability reporting and CARFAX reports have evolved to meet the increasing demand for information. CARFAX has expanded its offerings beyond accident details to include maintenance records, ownership history, and more.

Sustainability reporting has evolved to encompass a broader range of metrics and standards. Organizations can use frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative and the Sustainability
Accounting Standards Board to report on various aspects of sustainability. CARFAX reports can unveil hidden used car issues, and sustainability reports can reveal hidden risks and opportunities
within an organization. A sustainability report might highlight environmental risks within a company’s supply chain or showcase innovative social initiatives that set it apart from competitors.

Guiding an informed decision

Sustainability reporting will remain instrumental in navigating an organization’s commitment to ESG principles. This is similar to how CARFAX provides a guide to the complex used car industry.
Both tools empower purchasers—whether they’re looking for a vehicle or a cleaning service—to make responsible and informed choices.

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Stephen P. Ashkin

President, The Ashkin Group

Stephen P. Ashkin is president of The Ashkin Group, a consulting firm specializing in green cleaning and sustainability. He can be reached at [email protected].

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Sustainability Reporting: A CARFAX for the Cleaning Industry
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