COVID-19 Update: Airport Deploys UV Cleaning Robots

May 6, 2020

Pittsburgh International Airport is the first U.S airport to deploy self-driving robots equipped with ultraviolet (UV) lights to clean high-traffic floors, KDKA-TV reports.

The scrubbers scour the floor surfaces with 88 pounds per square inch of water pressure, then pass over the floors again with chemical disinfectant. A third pass utilizes UV disinfecting rays, completing three different levels of cleaning.

Researchers then examine the floor surface after the UV scrubber passes over it to determine if any microorganisms remain.

In addition to deep-cleaning floors, airport officials are looking to incorporate UV technology into disinfecting other airport surfaces such as escalator and moving walkway handrails, elevator buttons, and other high-touch areas.

Learn about the benefits of UV technology for disinfection, as well as other technologies to eliminate germs from high-touch surfaces.

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